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Dirty Grout Can Be Stinky Grout Too

A friend met us at the door, and asked for our honesty about pet odor. While we were there to measure her kitchen for new flooring, she wanted to ask if there was a presence of odo... Read More

Upholstery Hides A Multitude of Sins And Here’s Proof

Just because you don't see dirt, oils and soiling on upholstery doesn't mean it's not there. You might be stunned at what you don't see.... Read More

Client Surprises Me With Flowers

Here is a change... Recently I spoke with a prospective client, and took time to explain what was needed to do to get the bathroom fixed up before she could put her uncle's house o... Read More

Easy Way To Freshen Up Old, Tired Hardwood Stairs

Do your stairs look old and tired? Here's a quick and easy way to fix and clean them up without tearing them out...... Read More

Hardwood Floor Stain Selection

Stain selection remains the most important decision when refinishing hardwood and refinishers must do their part to help. Recently we worked with couples who struggled with the sta... Read More

Upgrading a “Watch Your Step” Caution

Cedar Run's hardwood floor refinishing project required upgrading a "Watch Your Step" caution. New visitors coming into the Nature Center are often taken by the grandeur of the roo... Read More

Laundering Sofa Cushion Covers

Ever take your upholstered cushions off and throw them in the washer? Anyone who has laundered their upholstered cushion covers, and the covers did not shrink, stretch or distort b... Read More

Tips For After You Have Had Your Hardwood Floors Refinished. . .

Useful Tips As You Settle In With Your Beautifully Restored Hardwood Do not reset Any Area Rugs for at least 2 weeks Do not use any cleaners for 2-3 weeks, including water, wipe sp... Read More