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Weed & Wood

Weed and wood perhaps better left for the campfire. Funny how some companies have a unique approach to customer service.... Read More

Weird Wood Sanding…

Sometimes weird things appear as new marks that weren’t there before— a.k.a, mistakes in the sanding! If your newly refinished hardwood floors have weird marks that weren&#... Read More

Why Training Matters

Why Proper Hardwood Floor Finishing Training Matters Entrusting your wood floors to unqualified hands will result in compromised results. For example, untrained or inadequately tra... Read More

You Guys Crushed It

This Yardley homeowner was completely frustrated that her hardwood floors were ruined by her contractor, and took it upon herself to get them fixed...... Read More

A Tale of Hardwood Color Magic

When the floors were stained the colored walls confused the hues throwing them off balance until a light box confirmed the true color, see how the simple fix reveals exactly the co... Read More

Pricing Question…?

“Why is your price more than quoted? Did you ‘Jack-up’ the job because we’re over the bridge?” This is what a recent client asked. She felt scorned ab... Read More

Why Special Wands Rock…

Not all carpet cleaning is the same, and to increase your chances of the best possible results discover why the specialized tools we use makes a difference for you. If deep cleanin... Read More

When Romancing a Stone Doesn’t Work

An explanation of when and when you cannot alter properties in granite and natural stone...... Read More

Big Guy Goes Big In Moorestown Home

Deep steam in Moorestown, cleaning for allergens-when you need a "court offensive to go big," get the job done and have a laugh along the way... Read More

Best To Clean Biological Mishaps ASAP!

Pet or human, feces accidents should be cleaned right away. Get the "s "t up as fast as you can!... Read More

When Stripping Floors Is Like Putting Lipstick on A Pig

When you don't want to mess around, calling experts in floorcare with advanced technology and superior products will give you what you want, why waste your time and money on anythi... Read More

Wonder If Your “Clean” Hardwood Floor Is Dirty?

Telltale proof even the cleanest looking, and unsuspecting floors have soiling, in even the most manicured and tended to homes. Knowing the floors are in no way shape or form in ne... Read More


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