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Rubber Studded Floor Gets a Bath

Rubber studded floors can pose a challenge for cleaning for obvious reasons.

And just for kicks we decided to see what our steam cleaning would do for it.

Tasked with cleaning the common area hallway carpets and gym, we had to transport and set up our long ‘runs’ of carpet cleaning hoses up and down the hallways of the apartment building in Marlton. We were there to clean the hallways, the foyer and the gym hall.

Chris couldn’t help but see how the rubber studded floor looked grungy. While we were their to clean the carpets, he decides to do a test area to clean the rubber floor.

Not sure what attention is given to the stairs and hallway floors on a regular basis, we steam clean the carpets every 3-4 months, or if there is a major spill even sooner. In the main hall area, this is much more visible to residents than the emergency stairs and landings.

Evesham Dirty Apartment Hall Carpet
Here is dirty carpet we clean up in this building

Of course we were not asked to do this, but Chris decided to do a test area.

Chris taped off an area and cleaned it. Well you can see for yourself how nice it cleaned up.

It can be quite revealing to do a test area, so you have to be careful not to do so in a way that the results are so obvious that the client is forced to have to spend the money, or forced to live with the results that can be embarrassing. 

dirty rubber studded floor
It's easy to see the dirty traffic lane from the carpet to the stairs

Looking from the upper area you see the carpet, and as you look inside the landing you see the dirt that starts inside the yellow taped area, as it migrates left toward where the stairs begin. 

Again, being a back hallway, it is not as obvious as the formal common areas, but you do see the dirt if you focus on it.

None the less, Chris steams the rubber floor.

Mopping just doesn’t get the grease, oil or dirt residues off the mat. One might try a scrub pad, but that is labor intensive.

You could try to scrub it with a buffer, but the uneven surface makes it a challenge as well. 

Howver, using a strong cleaning agent with steam, high PSI, and strong suction is no match for the dirt, oils and soils embedded on this rubber studded floor.

Frankly, a useful non skid surface, this flooring is ideal for this application, and this cleaning process is ideal to clean it to like new!

steam clean rubber studded floor
The dirt & oils is no match for the steam, cleaning solution and strong suction
steam clean versus dirty rubber studded floor
Look to the right, the rubber studded floor is clean, look beyond it is dirty
rubber studded floor steam cleaned
See how clean the landing is compared to the bottom rubber studded stair tread

Now that the sample has been done Chris removes the tape, and cleans the entire landing. This is because we weren’t asked to do this, but after doing the test cleaning we are going to share it with our customer. 

Clearly clean, as compared to the bottom stair tread (looking at the left top corner of the picture), there is quite an improvement.

Honestly, we plan to suggest that they have us clean the stairs and landing.

Cleaning the stairs and landings will no doubt help to keep the carpets that are in the common areas cleaner. Not only that it will help preserve the carpet, and extend its acceptable appearance, as well as extend the investment in the carpeted areas.

Just like maintaining proper track off mats in a public building, the idea is to keep the mats clean to absorb the abrasive dirt and soils and keep it from prematurely wearing and “ugly’ing” out the carpeted foyers, entry points and hallways.  

Same logic applies here. By cross maintaining and cleaning the rubber studded floor, the carpets throughout the common areas will look cleaner and resist wear that happens with neglient care.

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