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We have been proudly serving the South Jersey for over a decade.

We trained at The Stone and Tile School. We are:

  • licensed and insured
  • a Safe and Compliant company
  • a Certified Surface Care PROS PRO Partner
  • a Member of the National Wood Flooring Association

We provide free estimates. There have occasionally been special circumstances that required us to charge a fee for estimation, but this is never done without your prior notification.

There is no dust created during the restoration process, because we use diamond abrasives and water.
When acid (vinegar) comes into contact with marble (calcium carbonate), it causes a chemical reaction. The result is called etching. Natural stone sealers penetrate the stone and do not prevent this natural reaction. If you do in fact have a polyurethane coat on top of your stone, then you have a different problem altogether. If the stone is etched, we can refinish it.

Restoration of stone is the restoring of worn stone–marble, travertine, granite, etc.—to the state in which it was installed. Or better. It may also entail the altering of the stone’s surface to match a desired finish of the installation’s owner or management. In some cases an owner may desire a polished finish to be changed to a honed finish or vice versa. Restoration includes the use of such techniques as: polishing, honing, grinding (lippage removal), deep cleaning, sealing, and chip/crack repair.

We'll be happy to move most furniture, but we do reserve the right to leave furniture in place if we feel there may be risk of damage to the furniture or surrounding surfaces or risk of injury, for example, excessively heavy items.

No problem. There is even a slight savings when we don't move furniture, because it is a time-saver and we pass that on to you. But, we will discuss the options and decide what's best for your situation

You can expect to have your stone looking like new again and to be provided with proper maintenance instructions for long term care. Scratches, etch marks and wear can be removed. We may also advise you about how you can avoid any future need for complete restoration. The exact details will depend upon your specific needs. We are happy to provide free estimates.

There are several options. Read our informative monthly articles and visit our Caring For It page, where you'll find our free downloadable Care Guide. Of course, you are always welcome to use our contact form or give us a call with specific questions.

There are several options. Read our informative monthly articles and visit our Caring For It page, where you'll find our free downloadable Care Guide. Of course, you are always welcome to use our contact form or give us a call with specific questions.

Drying time depends upon you and the weather. We generally say until the next day. If you follow the simple steps we recommend it often takes as little as four hours. If you don't, it can take from one to two days. If you need super-fast drying times, let us know before we start, there are things we can do to speed the drying time. Just understand that this is at the expense of lost cleaning power. We can also put an air mover on the walkways as we clean and get those areas pretty much dry before we leave. Most people prefer not to use an air mover, though, because it really blows around any papers that are around. Heavily soiled carpets may take longer to dry due to the extra cleaning involved. Drying starts from the base of the fibers and works its way up, so the last to dry is the very tippy top—the part that you feel with your hand.
No, you don't have to stay off of the carpet. We give you surgical bootie covers to wear during the damp and drying phase. Washing off the soles of your shoes before stepping on the carpet will also work. We ask that you avoid colored socks or bare feet. Some suggestions for passing the time while the carpet dries—Go out to dinner, have a nice night, and come home to a carpet that is dry or at least "dry enough" to walk on; Plan a day of shopping; Plan a playdate; Have the dog groomed.
Great news! As carpet cleaners we have switched whenever possible to a natural, organic, non-toxic kid & pet friendly formulation that does a fantastic job of cleaning when used with our truck mount steam extraction. In fact, it is plant based, derived from Thymol (the herb Thyme). which has wonderful cleaning properties and Citric Acid and other medicinal cleaning properties. The result- it out cleans other detergent formulas!! Even if it is ingested it is safe. We are happy to provide you an MSDS sheet if you request one. Also, we even have had formulations prepared by our supplier's chemist if there is a specific reason. For instance, if someone has a scent concern, we have 2 options for them. Also, for very concerned folks we offer steaming with just water, although there trade offs with that. Some soiling will not come out as effectively if we are not using the above mentioned solutions or others when we are cleaning. Yes, our cleaning products are safe for everyone—human or pet, and we have never had an incident. However, it is good to keep children and pets out of the work area. Between the equipment, the hoses and such, it is just safer to have them out of the work area.
Deodorizer is defined as a pleasant smell designed to mask another smell. Our baseline products have a mild deodorizer built into them. Other companies charge you separately for deodorizer, giving them a way to "up charge" you. This is non sense. Also, deodorizers are temporary, just like after you shower, it dissipates over time. For stronger odors, we have specialized natural products at an additional cost. And for other odors such as pet odor, musty odor, cigarette or cigar smoke, deceased animals, defrosted freezers, soured milk, other odor control measures may be required, also at an additional cost.
We'll get it out one way or another. If nothing else, the affected area can be replaced. If the affected area is carpet we can attempt to clean it topically. If it is saturated into the carpet we may need to pull the carpet up and treat the surfaces underneath. Some times the odor is deep rooted and we have to go to other measures to remove it. If that's the case we may prescribe an odor remediation plan, and you can decide if you want to do that or replace the carpet and /or pad. If it is wood, and discolored, we may be able to address the discoloration and odor with bleaching. If it is deeper rooted we may need to replace the affected boards, and sand and refinish the contiguous area. We will let you know your options and the scope involved to fix the odor and or discoloration for you.
Not the way you think. Bleach causes dye loss. Dye loss is a condition where the surface of the fiber or fabric has been stripped of dye. An easy way to explain it, if you drop bleach on blue jeans you know what happens- right? Ok, now throw the jeans in the wash and wash them. Will it put the blue back in? NO, of course not. The same thing applies to bleach stains on carpet. I can clean them but the stain will remain. The way to correct this problem is to cut it out. In many cases an installer can re-section the area, either using a small cookie cutter type tool, or a larger area as need be. The trick is to have extra carpet to use. If you don't have an extra piece, sometimes they will take a piece of "donor" carpet from a closet and swap it out. That way you don't see it, and the repair is fixed. If that is the solution you may decide to swap a piece of laminate in the closet, so it is uniform in appearance.
We charge by the square foot, and take into consideration the soiling level and movement of furniture. Our prices are fair and competitive for a quality job done by a professional company.
It depends from house to house. Generally Carpet Mfgs recommend or require every 12-18 months. Some warranties require that you get professional cleaning within a certain time, or you void your warranty. We say as a general rule of thumb high traffic rooms, steps & hallways benefit from yearly or twice yearly cleaning. Such things as the number of people living in the house, kids, pets, eating habits, entertaining, all have an impact on the carpets. Actually the more you clean properly, the better. You will not get premature traffic lanes that are actually wear the fibers down. You will keep it looking better for longer before replacing it. And, actually it is healthier. Carpet has a filtering benefit which can reduce airborne particulate, when it is clean.
We combine old and new technology that the janitorial industry does not typically invest in or use. After the stripping and scrubbing process we use our truck mount steam cleaner to deep steam rinse the floor. This technology hands down does a superior job in rinsing compared to janitors with simply a mop and a bucket. The truck mount hard surface wand creates a steam chamber, releasing hot water as close to boiling as possible as a strong Psi, then re-collects it in to our waste tank. The result, the hot water further breaks down the wax-stripping slurry, so the floor is much cleaner then mopping it up before laying down coats of wax.

Having a long history doing various services for commercial clients, we pretty much do specialized cleaning for most surfaces that a commercial bldg may need, to include the following:

  • Stripping, Steam Rinse & Waxing Commercial VCT Floors
  • Steam Clean Ceramic Tile & Grout
  • Power Wash Bathroom Walls
  • Steam Clean Natural Stone Floors
  • Natural Stone Restoration- includes repairs, de-lippage, re-honing, re-polishing
  • Steam Rubber Flooring (Gyms, Dealership Showrooms, Indoor Play Centers)
  • Steam Clean Vinyl Floor
  • Auto Scrub Wood Floors
  • Strip Wood Floors
  • Clean Carpet
  • Clean Upholstery
    Refinish Hardwood Floors
  • Install Hardwood Floors and Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile
  • Periodic Maintenance Plans For VCT Floors
  • Monthly Hi-Speed Burnishing