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Don’t waste your time or money on cheap cleaning. Instead, with us you get the most thorough carpet cleaning ever seen, or it’s free! Safer, deep steam with plant-based solutions out-cleans other methods and older detergent formulas and sanitizes and restores appearance like nothing else. Certified master cleaners using the most powerful technology provide the deepest clean money can buy while delivering a preferred service experience like no other.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews and testimonials here on our site and across the web.

Carpet Cleaning

Don’t waste your time or money on cheap cleaning. Instead, with us you get the most thorough carpet cleaning ever seen, or it’s free! Safer, deep steam with plant-based solutions out-cleans other methods and older detergent formulas and sanitizes and restores appearance like nothing else. Certified master cleaners using the most powerful technology provide the deepest clean money can buy while delivering a preferred service experience like no other.

Anti-allergen Treatments

Highly effective deep steam cleaning using the hottest water possible will clean, sanitize and restore carpets, upholstery, and mattresses and make it healthier for you. Anti-allergen treatments continue to equalize and kill the germs from dust mites that cause humans more allergies than anything else. Why suffer when this treatment can aid in promoting wellness.

Pet Urine and Odor Treatment

Unfortunately, pet odor and other malodors can cause embarrassment to homeowners, let alone expose them, family members and others to germs. Odor remediation, although perhaps more complicated that basic cleaning can restore surfaces to a healthier state.

Fiber Protection

Bottom line, they work! Keep carpets and fabrics looking better, less apt to stain, and even extend carpet and fabric life. Keeping the appearance looking good, and slowing the aging of the surface saves money. Reduces dust particulate count within the dwelling, improving air quality within the home

Why You'll Love Our Services

Apples to apples the best value!

Our work is not for everyone. If you are looking for cheap, we respectfully suggest you look elsewhere. However, if you are looking look for superior results and excellent service for a fair price you have found the right place. We find it costs a few more pennies to do the very best job for you.

Are carpet cleaning companies all the same?

Well, if this site could talk it would shout out “NO!” Read on to discover how and why you will answer that question for yourself!

Before and after carpet cleaning and this is only the first pass!

You must wonder why other carpet cleaning companies serve 80% one-time-only customers, while our clients, who’ve all experienced other companies, stick with us decade after decade. Why do we get thousands of referrals from clients, realtors, interior decorators, even a world renowned architect and even the “Set Designer” for the Golden Globe Awards (two tough cookies with an eye for detail that won’t quit)?

From Day 1 (since 1983) we set out to invest in the best equipment, solutions and techniques possible to deliver exceptional results each and every time! Holding to our vision we have built a well-earned reputation of doing a fantastic job, initially with carpet cleaning, and now doing so much more!

Need convincing? And without risk?

Here a just a few reasons, but don’t tell our competitors! We consider this the “Kick-Off” to our “Secret Sizzle”

Your experience starts with Wendy, the owner. Easily contacted (we knock ourselves out to answer the phone live), you get free friendly advice about your questions. Trained and certified as a Master Cleaner she is able to answer almost any question you may have. In fact, our techs in the field consistently get compliments about how helpful she is.

Often giving phone quotes with input from the customer, Wendy often “nails” (pretty close, if not right on), the cost of the cleaning as requested. This option is ideal for carpet, upholstery & leather cleaning, and basic tile and hardwood cleaning. Of course, estimates are more accurate when the correct area sizes are provided, rather than rough “guesstimating” done by the customer. Phone quotes are encouraged because these days we find that people are really, really busy, so we think it saves time for our clients, who appreciate the fact that we don’t “drag” the process out. However, in some instances an in-house quote is preferred or can’t be avoided.

During the initial conversation, Wendy takes detailed notes that cover all the important customer concerns and requests, and hands them off to our field staff. To emphasize, THE MAIN objective and any other really important requests or “don’ts” are summarized on the customer intake sheet. And, Wendy personally hands them off at the daily “pre-launch” morning staff meeting loud and clearly so we are wired for success for each customer objective.

Convenient, Reliable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

SPARKLE Surface Care is delighted to offer high-quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services with this satisfaction guaranteed: We are not satisfied until you are. We are committed to clear, efficient communication in order to fully satisfy or exceed your expectations. For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling, free phone estimates, and a quick response to your call. We also offer emergency response services.


Ask About Our Free Gifts

When Wendy finalizes the estimate she usually applies our first free gift for new customers, our free gift of cleaning- often $50 off, or $50 of Free Cleaning to check us out! While we do observe a minimum of $139- local, for most basic cleaning, and $250 for distance and specialized basic cleaning, the estimate after the free cleaning is usually sufficient for the client to have confidence in booking.

No Hidden Costs or Surprises

Expect that our estimate will remain close to what is discussed on the phone, unless other relative circumstances come into play, or, the room or item sizes are found to be radically off. Another factor that can alter the original estimate is if the degree of difficulty presents far different than what was counted for over the phone. Be assured you will be informed of the differences and be given the opportunity to accept before we get started. There will be every attempt to make sure you have no unwelcome surprises.

But to begin with, we are not done! Usually Wendy also reveals we have other free gifts up our sleeves, and she usually tips customers off, but doesn’t reveal our big secrets! Considered little secrets she may tell customers about our care guides, monthly tips program, our very revealing digital brochure, or how to enroll to receive our beautiful- inspirational quarterly magazine. Or if you are a realtor, how to enroll in our Realtor Program, and its benefits!

So sit down, buckle up- that’s only the start!

Why Carpet Cleaning is Important and Urgent

Life happens. So does dirt, dust, germs, grime, and disequilibrium. By letting us keep your carpet, floors, and furnishings clean it fends off the stresses life brings and rewards you with the sense of balance, peace and inner sanctum. Isn’t your house your happy place, where you shut the door, shut out life, relax and escape?

You certainly don’t need your home floors and decor grating on your nerves, or worse. These surfaces should be look clean and be fresh, sanitized, and inviting. But if not for yourself, it should be for your kids and pets- cleaning reduces germs and sickness, and gives them a better quality of life. And if not for them, for your guests- they don’t need to see dirty secrets. And finally, perhaps it should be all about your surfaces themselves- regular maintenance optimizes appearance and extends the life of them, saves you money by protecting your investment!

A clean healthy home is a restful, happy home! And well maintained floors, fabric and decor protects them from premature replacement! Need more convincing?

The 10 Best Reasons Why New Carpet Cleaning Customers Fall in Love with our Company, and Become Lifetime Clients and Referrers

1. You Get Outstanding Carpet Cleaning Results
Expert Steam Cleaning for Carpets

Powerful Truck Mount Steam Extraction – The deepest clean, flushed and rinsed carpet cleaning method, preferred by most manufacturers of carpet, environmental expert contributors, the Cleaning Industry Network & Standards Board, and most invested, trained and certified cleaning professionals.

Carpet cleaning experts, chemists in the industry, EPA officials and the carpet mfg representatives know heat accelerates cleaning power! So professional cleaners have hot water truck mounted systems to kick up the solution chemistry for superior results.

2. You Get The Boldest Carpet Cleaning Guarantee Ever

We stand behind our all-in guarantee for carpet cleaning: “You’ll feel your carpet cleaning is the most thorough you’ve ever seen, or we will clean it again free. If you are still not absolutely thrilled with the service, we will cheerfully refund all your money.”

The fact is, after cleaning hundreds of thousands of carpets, some of them thirty years old or older, we have needed to honor that guarantee a handful of times. Meanwhile, in our struggle not to be satisfied with doing just a “good” job, but in striving for perfection, we have become a far better carpet cleaning. refinishing and polishing company.

3. Our Specialty- Results That Will Surprise You, and a Service Experience That Will Delight You!

Long ago we made a running list of what our clients wanted out of a fantastic carpet cleaner and we figured out ways to deliver more to them. But different and beyond the call of duty, we opened our hearts and minds and eagerly embraced highly specialized customer service training (learn more about that later!)

As detailed above, your most important item that we do, if nothing else, is carefully handed off from Wendy, or our booking staff to the lead tech. Also to create a platform for success, we honor your time (start and finish,) we keep you updated and ask for approval for early or delayed arrivals.

Let’s not spoil the surprise by bragging about the extras we do, let’s see if you notice more. There are dozens built into our service systems for the average carpet, tile & upholstery cleaning, where we go above and beyond what any other carpet cleaner would do for you.

4. Besides Education and Certifications, We Even Send Our Lead Techs to a 5 Day “In the Trenches” Intensive Customer Service Boot Camp!

There are trade schools for our industry with numerous certification courses. Chris and Wendy are both “Master Textile Cleaners” for decades, and re-certify as required to maintain their status.

All our carpet and upholstery lead cleaning technicians hold certifications in those areas as well as many other useful areas such as upholstery care, advanced spot and stain removal techniques, odor control and more. We encourage course attendance and certification, or at least sitting in on new and important topics.

Ongoing education is important because the chemistry of fibers and surfaces change, the cleaning chemistry changes, even the fashion, construction and installation of them are ever changing, textiles, and the fashions of textiles are always changing. Be assured that at Sparkle Surface Care we stay up on the new technology and best care methods. Without this updated knowledge results in care may be compromised, and surfaces may even run the risk of damage.

About The All-Intensive Customer Service Boot Camp

With a preferred customer service experience at the very foundation of our customer agenda, we put our money where our mouths are- we send our lead techs to this insanely, intense customer service boot camp. A five day 10+ hour a day course that drives home what techs, and all staff need to do to create not only an acceptable customer service experience, but an outstanding one!

Delightedly we like to say we are really in the business of customer service, cleaning, refinishing and polishing is how we show it!

During this training our instructor drives home how our customers view each and every nugget of what we do. Often standing on his soap box, with eye glasses fashioned on his face, he pounds into the attendees heads, “Hey, look at what you are doing, and how you are doing it as if you are looking from the eyes of your client. Is it good, productive and appreciated, OR, is it unhelpful, not productive, annoying, offensive or even completely unacceptable!” Seeing it clearly through the eyes of the customer usually keeps all our staff locked and loaded, and aimed to please.

With a pleasant kick-off and ever growing positive-building customer service initiative, we prioritize this because we want to create “champion clients”— clients so thrilled they not only use us over and over, they go out of their way to refer everyone they know to us! (How many other carpet cleaners ever attempt to rally in this manner?)

The sad fact is, most carpet cleaners from the average company, don’t know these schools exist, let alone have the willingness to pay the steep cost for tuition and attendance. And sadly, they totally miss the boat when it comes to “wowing” the customer!

After the Education and Customer Service Shake Down Settle In, We Take Their New Skills Live To Fit Our Business Model
We hammer into their brains, not only to utilize the technical training and customer service they have received, we train them to live, breathe and replicate exactly what we want for our clients each and every time!
6. We Clean Better Using Many Highly Specialized Wands and Tools That Competitors Don’t Have (at latest count, over $19,000 invested!)

We invest in the best equipment and specialized wands that can achieve superior results. One basic wand might be to general ‘go-to’ for what we would call basic cleaning. But, basic wands are used for basic cleaning. We find they are only ‘tip of the ice berg.’ There is much more to cover, and be effectively prepared for! So, drum roll please:

Bunnyrx carpet cleaningThe first heavy lifter from a wand stand point is the heavy duty cleaner, called an RX-20 (suitable for what we quietly call “trashed carpet,”) with 5 jets on a rotating disc that will blast heavy soil. A second choice, the Roto-Vac, similar in performance to the RX-20, this may be selected for a similar challenge, but in a tight area, or better handled by female staff (sorry to our empowered and capable female staff) it is lighter and more manageable. Next, bring on the Zipper, this a powerful dual extraction wand ideally suitable for pet urine and over wet situations. Another urine problem favorite, the tech may select the Water Claw- an awesome tool that creates reverse pressure to extract out heavy penetrated pet urine and pet odor.

Ok, we are not done yet, perhaps the techs may whip out the Cimex, a rotary-planetary cleaning head, or a swing machine in combination with commercial solutions or specialized encapsulants (special limited moisture formulas). Any combination along with the above referenced tools may kick our cleaning up a notch for sure! But no rest for the weary, we bring to bear daily the swivel stair tool, the bull nose tool, 2 edge tools (one for crevices, one for the first 3″ along the edge of the carpet, and finally some misting upholstery tools designed for delicate & fine fabric care.

Hopefully you get the point, and start to realize, YOU GET THE BEST JOB POSSIBLE when the service company cares to invest in, have on hand and use these for your cleaning!

We use highly specialized wand technology and the best solutions to ‘up’ our game for best possible outcomes!

Sadly, most ‘cheapy-cleany,’ mediocre carpet cleaners and franchises only equip their cleaning staff with 1, or maybe 2 or 3 wands.

For example, while most carpet cleaning companies just use their floor wand to clean stairs, leaving them poorly cleaned and over-wet in places, we stock a very expensive stair tool with a swivel head allowing us a full range of motion on the step, unlike any other carpet cleaning efforts.

To explain, we “Triple Detail” the steps. First, we completely extract the riser and tread. We remove the wand to reach the left, right and back crook of the stair, then “switch out” to the bull nose tool, a wand which encapsulates the nose of the step completely excellently. This gives each stair complete, providing the detailed coverage. The result is cleaner, fluffier stairs, and results just never achieved by the average, mediocre-equipped carpet cleaner.

7. We Bring You The World’s Best Carpet Cleaning Agents

While other companies are using the cheapest cleaning agents (because they mistakenly think all cleaning agents are the same), we use highly effective (“kick tail and take names”) natural, environmentally friendly formulas which out-cleans older, stale (and unappreciated with today’s green initiatives) detergent-chemical formulas.

We study and keep up on the chemistry of cleaning solutions, and have on hand a variety of specialized formulas depending on the cleaning challenge at hand. We also partner closely with our supplier, who shares the same passion for excellence in cleaning chemistry. We are confident that are the greenest, most environmentally friendly and are highly effective.

thyme fraganceCase in point: take Thymol, the herb. Thyme is a wonderful medicinal sanitizer known and used by many cultures for thousands of years ( ‎A substitute for chemical disinfectants, and just as effective, this can be used without fear of chemical exposure. In fact, available as Thymol, it is the recognized go-to disinfectant for mild and heavy contamination. Rest assured, it gets the job done, and in a pleasant, fragrant way!

Our supplier looks for ingredients like thyme to reduce or eliminate the harmful ingredients often chosen by industry suppliers. And in addition to sourcing the ingredients, they also look for green practices that enhance our environment which minimizes waste and other energy costs which are unnecessary. For instance, they challenge their chemists to formulate concentrated powder formulas eliminating water. Water obviously is easily sourced, so why pay for the packaging, shipping and storage. By minimizing water content, it reduces plastic requirements, and saves on warehouse, electric and storage costs.

They also will custom blend cleaning agents to our specific liking (i.e. low fragrance, no fragrance, etc.). And, they are constantly exploring and looking for new and highly specialized, highly effective formulas that are cutting edge technology for our industry!

Last 3 Best Reasons Why First-Time Customers
Become Lifelong Clients and Referrers…

8. Carpet Cleaning by the Numbers

Have you ever done a paint by numbers painting? If you followed the instructions, it came out just right every time. We have a formula we follow in each room of each home or business that makes certain everything gets perfectly clean—around the toilet, behind every door, around the register, under the drapes, every nook, corner, and cranny. We hit every traffic lane, spot, stain, and high use area as well as the filtration soiling along the edges of steps and walls (which is not always completely removable). One tech can even set down the cleaning tool right where he is working and walk off the job as another walks on and without saying a word to each other the new tech can pick up right where the old tech finished off without missing a stroke. We follow the format so that nothing ever gets missed or forgotten.

Believe this or not, a leading franchise competitor only cleans the flat part of the carpeted stairs. Last time we looked, there is more to a carpeted stair, like the riser, the edges and the back edge, or crotch. For this reason we triple detail the steps, going up and down them 2 or 3 times (depending on technician technique). First, our swivel stair tool works nicely on the tread and the riser. Secondly the hose end zips the left, right and back edge nicely. And third (shh- don’t tell the “cheapy cleany” guys) , we use a highly specialized tool called a bullnose wand to clean the rounded nose of the steps excellently. It is a rounded wand (take your thumb and forefinger and make a “U”) which encapsulates the bull nose round section of the stair (where the stair wand cannot get to effectively).

As a result, the stairs come out far cleaner and fluffier than other carpet cleaners can ever hope to get them.

We always get under the furniture you want to be moved. We always put protective blocks and tabs under the furniture if moved. We always wear shoe covers and provides extra shoe covers for you if you like. That and much more—it’s all part of a big system of habitual service.

We don’t cut corners–we clean them. See what others are saying…

Peruse our many raving 5-star reviews

9. With Sparkle Surface Care Job Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you only need a spot, a few rooms of carpet cleaning, or your whole house, we are happy to serve. Or say, you only need a one-time carpet cleaning or a maintenance program for a 12-million square foot office complex, SPARKLE Surface Care is up to the job. We adapt to the task, and certainly are poised to expand.

Our detail-oriented, highly skilled customer service motivated technicians stand ready to fully eliminate contaminants, stains, and odors from your carpeting while making your experience as easy and pleasurable as possible!

To see for yourself call us and ask for Wendy. Need more convincing? Feel free to check out our carpet or other cleaning “Case Studies,” actual projects with before and after pictures with a description of how we resolved and fixed the challenges.

Want references or nearby locations that we have serviced? Give Wendy your location and she will look up and share some neighbors or nearby street number and street, or neighbor names who have used us. In fact, regularly when we mention nearby customers to a new client they are surprised to learn we do several, or even sometimes most everyone on their street, or neighborhood.

For a FREE Estimate In Your Area Call Wendy (609) 953-0472

10. Convenient Carpet Cleanings

As mentioned above, we respect you, your time and your property and are committed to clear, efficient communication to set the tone for the project. For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling, free phone estimates or a written proposal (as needs demand), and a quick response to your call.

Hoping all the reasons above are reasons (and reasons below because it involves our current specials.) So call Wendy and get on our schedule. Just so you know, we cover typically a larger area due to some of the specialized services that we do. We are happy to help if you are located in most areas of southern New Jersey, north to the greater Princeton Area, east to the Jersey Coast, and south along the coast to Cape May.

SPARKLE Surface Care is delighted to offer high-quality carpet cleaning services with this satisfaction guaranteed: We are not satisfied until you are. We are committed to clear, efficient communication in order to fully satisfy or exceed your expectations. For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling, free phone estimates, and a quick response to your call. We also offer emergency response services.

We’re based out of Medford, but we serve clients throughout Central and So Jersey including the Greater Princeton area, all of South Jersey and along the coast to Cape May.  By appointment we also serve Pennsylvania areas from Bucks County south, throughout the Philadelphia area and Main Line, south to the Delaware line, and points west to King of Prussia. We’re certain to be available in your area right now or within a few days.

Feel free to CONTACT US online or call (609) 953-0472 to discuss your carpet cleaning needs.


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