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Can’t Find Someone To Strip & Wax Your Floors?

Spinning wheels looking for commercial floor care services (VCT stripping, tile & grout or carpet cleaning) look no further! Results are just one call away... Read More

Upholstery Upheaval Equalized

“Wax on” (ugh) “wax off” please! Tis the season, another mishap reason to call for emergency upholstery cleaning!   Last time it was a Forth of July ‘... Read More

Cleaning a Cleaned’ Home

Doubt other cleaning efforts? Hired to fix mediocre work, see how our cleaning, carpet and tile steaming, and hardwood floor scrubbing can clean better for you... Read More

Wondering Why Two Woods

Restoration contractor screwed client, stuck them with mismatched prefinished hardwood during a water damage repair, see how to avoid this mishap... Read More

A Clean Slate

Contractor orders slate floor cleaning with the kitchen renovation. Learning about the steam cleaning service that we offer, Nicole, owner of The Coral Hammer, requests some interi... Read More

10 Holiday Survival Tips for Floors & Decor

Every year after the holidays are over, without fail we get the same frantic calls about the damage done on carpet, upholstery, stone, and hardwood. These suggestions and tips will... Read More

Hump Date

When wood stresses and does weird, wonky things! Being natural material, wood reads like a book, and reacts to things its exposed to. Ten years in it never ceases to amaze me what ... Read More

Tweaking for Travertine

Have stone that lost its shine or grout looks dirty? Or strangely, do you have spills or ring marks that won't clean off, we can help...... Read More

Love’n for Lodge Room Floors

Sometimes a home has disimilar hardwood floors, refinshing and blending color can fix this, here's an example ... Read More

Another Color Conundrum

Different floor species, differences in the same species, and age of the species can pose a problem when trying to blend color of hardwoods...... Read More

Dueling Wood Jobs

Up against the clock, our hardwood floors survived some minor water damage (inside) during the exterior log cabin restoration, but they turned out gorgeous!... Read More

Rubber’ Dub Dub…

Rubber studded flooring is commonly installed in hallways and stairs, but can be a challenge to clean up, see how our specialized processes cleans it up nicely... Read More


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