Have Trouble Trusting Good Carpet Cleaners At The Shore?

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Shore we do!


Once our clients have their cleaning and service experience with us, they often are surprised. even delighted. And they usually are really happy with the results. Besides appreciating the experience overall, they overwhelmingly gain trust in us, which is hugely important. Moreover, the extensive list of services solves many of their problems or to-do’s with one call. We make it easy. But the bottom line is inherent trust. Our integrity shines with our work and our dedication to a preferred customer service experience. People see  for themselves we have their true interests at heart. 

Often when this happens, the proverbial question is asked:


"Hey, do you do work down the shore?"
And the answer is a resounding

wood refinishing stone harbor
We updated & refinished all the hardwoods in this mansion, going from typical yellowed red oak to a beachy driftwood gray-blue- just stunning!
Margate stone restoration
Got this Margate stone restored before the house went on the Margate House Tour Aug 2023 (now we are/will clean for 40 of his Dunkin Donut locations
Cape May Healey House- marble, carpet tile upholstery
Prominent summer home south of Margate, one of 13 homes we have servedi for this NJ Family Business of the Year Award Wnning Family
Stone harbor mansion craftsman grade hardwood refinishing
Deckview of mansion above looking toward ocean inslet, where our team camped out for 2+ weeks while refinishing their hardwood floors
Met House Mgr,been there 3 x, never saw owners cleaned area rugs, tile, carpet & upholstery, also clceaned everything at their Moorestown home sev times
Bayfront home we did extensive post construction stone restoration for, tile & grout cleaning and granite seal and polishing for
Mantoloking Bayfront we freshened things up for summer
Loveladies carpet cleaning
Again a Loveladies bayfront (at least 6 clients who use us), this home is owned by great friends who needed carpet cleaning done

YEP! Sparkle surfs right along with and for our shore house peeps!

So with this question answered they are relieved to learn we do go to the shore. It’s almost a relief. Solving a burden of having to find yet another company worth their salt is no longer necessary! More often than not the wheels begin turning, as they contemplate how it will work for them to actually have us clean their shore homes.

The next conversation might go, “well I could have you on a Friday, or maybe I could stay over till Monday.” Or, they might ask “will you do work on a Saturday?” And the third statement is often more than not, ” You can go down anytime during the week, the key to the house is in the outdoor shower!”

Can't tell you how many times we hear that statement- " the key's in the outdoor shower, you can go anytime during the week that you want!"

Or, other popular alternatives they arrive at commonly are:

I’ll give you the code to the garage (side door)

  • There’s a lockbox
  • You can pick up the key at the realtor’s office (or they will meet you
  • My neighbor is there all the time, they will let you in  
  • And my favorite, ” the key is in the borax box in the drawer in the outdoor shower

But now with the advent of coded doors, cameras and “Ring” programs access is even easier.

With toes in the sand, carpet wands in hand, Team Sparkle takes all our "beach" bag of tricks to down the shore to help our clients and friends at their too!

With trust out of the way it becomes a matter of convenience. Clients are busy, they have enough to do with work and family. And they have enough to do in managing the needs of maintaining their primary residence. Way down the food chain is taking yet even more time to get things done at the shore. The shore is their escape, their “happy place”, and place of relaxation. The last thing anyone wants to do is meet and babysit service contractors! (We get it!)



Now while some of our services are short and sweet, others run longer. We discuss if they can be done in the high season, or are they better off done in the "off season"!

Save those for "contractor season"- where ladders loaded on pickup trucks, trailers and dumpsters take over the small beach towns, one after another.


Besides the routine cleaning, other bigger projects like additions and major repairs are often scheduled in the “off season.” That way they are done and ready for “entertaining season”- uninterrupted. To confirm this concept, have you ever taken a trip during winter months? Shore communities are riddled with contractor, vans and trailers. They are everywhere. Usually between Nov and mid March they take over the islands like bees. It becomes a race to get things done come Spring, typically around Easter (some later), and certainly by Memorial Day. 

For us, hardwood floor refinishing may fall into that category. Depending on the size of the wood refinishing job, it may be better scheduled when folks aren’t there consistently. 

Need more convincing, take a look at some stand out reasons that set us apart from our competition.

Fyi- We are so much more than carpet cleaners to let you know. Certified, hired by Dupont to clean for the CEO in his personal home (through warranty channels). Certified several times over. Equipped, even massively over equipped for our clients’ benefits. Our tools are impressive,  so much so our competitors gawk at we have ‘on-board!’

Also hired by the TV show 20-20 , working with the producer to demonstrate a “proper cleaning,” He wanted a by the books demonstration (not in front of the camera. ) Part of the research behind the scenes, our cleaning was educational. And used to develop their story before they aired it about “Rip Off Carpet Cleaning! “

We don’t get asked to do that kind of command performance work for nothin!

It is because of our experience, credentials and earned reputation that sets us apart. Known amongst our peers, we also stand out  in front before industry leaders. And professionals serving residential and commercial clients partner with us because of our reputation. We make them look good, even shine! Truly the professionals I am speaking of include realtors, designers, custom builders and the like refer us. We do make them shine in front of their clients! And, we are loved by our clients as well. 

Don’t just trust your beautiful things to just anyone! Take a peek at all we can help you with.

More than just carpet cleaning, our services cover all things you walk on, most you sit on, and others inside and outside your home as well Take a look:

  • Carpet Cleaning- Natural Solutions-Deepest Clean Money Can Buy- most powerful system and equipment in the hands of experienced professionals out-cleans most competitors around (period!)  Not all the carpet cleaners are the same. Equipped with the most advanced system, and have 27K worth of wands to assist in delivering the deepest clean for you bar none
  • Dirty tile & grout- Again most powerful machine generates hottest water, when in combination with specialized wands in the capable hands of professionals. Get you dirty tile & grout cleaner than by anyone else.
  • Dingy grout that doesn’t steam up, or want to change, update and seal your grout, let us talk to you about our exciting new color sealing technique. For when you want to change the look of your grout & update it this is the ticket! 
  • Color Sealing- Get your dirty embarrassing grout nightmare fixed once and for all!  Professional impregnated grout color re-colors, changes the color and seals the grout once and for all. A permanent workable alternative when you want to freshen the color, update it and effectively seal it. Click>  here to see all about color sealing and what it can do to fix ugly grout! 
  • Natural Stone- Cleaning, Re-honing, Full Stone Restoration- All stone, dull, etch marks, light repairs, restores shine. Interior & Exterior
  • Hardwood Refinishing & Cleaning- Dustless sand & refinishing, water based finishes (safer-non toxic), resilient. Repairs, sun fade, pet urine damage, water damage, all things wood refinishing. “Zamboni’ for hard wood floor cleaning and removal of topical wax products (waxes, oil soaps, shine restorers, etc.)
  • LVP and LVT composite vinyl cleaning (hard surface auto scrubber utilized)
  • Upholstery, Leather Area Rugs, Interior & Exterior- don’t trust your fine fabrics and beautiful things to just anyone. Certified Master Cleaner will work to clean effectively your fine fabrics and items while preserving them
  • Vinyl Stripping and Waxing – VCT- old traditional floors stripped, steam rinsed and waxed. Not comparable to regular floor stripping done by janitorial teams or guys who have buffers; this is a service like no other around that gets floors cleaner before wax coats are applied
  • Exterior Surface Cleaning, Steaming & Soft Washing- get your decks, pavers, sidewalks, garage parking pads, outdoor furniture, screened in porches, outdoor kitchens, outdoor furniture and more effectively cleaned


Wouldn’t you also love a team that helps you take care of your shore property without having to drive down there? 

Our clients really love the carefree, "hands off" ease of service we offer. It simplifies lives when it comes to getting things done at tHE shore. It's a "concierge of services" done, and ready to enjoy when owners arrive that next Friday.

At your service! If you want, you can expect the same ease of getting things done without taking a precious moment of your time!

If you want a trusted team to help maintain, restore or refinish that capably works with all your beautiful surfaces you walk on, mostly sit on  you sit on, and other surfaces as well. We are the team for you! 


If you have dingy looking grout, the wrong grout color or wanting a new grout color let us “color seal” and fix your grout headaches. Free estimates. Just one call away! Call 609.953.0472. Or Contact Us online and we’ll reach out!