Want A New Stair Look? Check Out This Stairway to Heaven

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Client was so excited as she really did buy a stairway to heaven!

Kid you not, our client, thrilled with her maple floors now refinished, she couldn’t wait to get her stairs done too!

With Phase 1 done, she wanted to get rid of the old, cheap pine floors. She wanted to continue the updating next by transforming her ugly set of stairs in the entry area.  The transformation would continue to reflect her simple, yet stylish taste. In her mind if what she envisioned came to fruition almost in a spiritual way like it was pennies from heaven! 

A very nice lady, she is q quiet gal strong in her faith, and totally absorbed in her family.  She is first  totally “mad about” her 2 daughters and  1 yr old grandson. When not doing things with them she also dedicates time to her mission work helping others. So between her love of faith and helping others she somehow finds time to continue adding her flare to her home. And  now she finally got her new stairway too. 


And so the process began, yes it was a process.

somerdale stairs
This is what the previous owner thought was welcoming!

Clearly you can see the view upon entering the front door, these pine stairs were tired and dated. Honestly, knowing the treads were getting replaced our client painted the spindles and stair stringers to hold her over. But the treads and risers were a sight to be desired.

Graced upon every step were stenciled hearts on each riser on the left and right side. And in the middle was a crested stencil with the word “welcome”. Perhaps it was acceptable to the previous owner, but not for our client, the new owner. 

Simplistic and stylish our client had a very different vision for her entry. And as we talked I showed her pictures and she pointed out what she liked.

Preferring what was trending right now she liked the look of stained treads and painted risers. Additionally she liked metal spindles and a squared off newel post.  

With her vision clear we knew exactly what she wanted and dove in to give her the stair and railing conversion.

We proposed to use maple stair cap treads on the stairs themselves, and riser caps on the risers. That completely eliminated the pine from the entry. Instead  we gave her stained treads and white painted risers.

Choosing to use a capping system was an easier and more cost effective alternative. With some preparation the stair caps fit over the pine. And the riser cap provided a clean surface for painting. If we had just painted the pine eventually the grain and knots would reappear affecting the clean look. So using a veneer we avoided that problem entirely.

pine messed up stairs in Somerdale
somerdale old pine stair makeover to gorgeous maple stairs

And just like that we completely changed the look of the stair entry!

The change of this entry couldn’t happen fast enough for our client. But, this was only the beginning.

Once the stairs and risers were updated, next on the list was to replace both railings with new hardware and replace the single newel post at the bottom. Along with that we installed new metal spindles at the bottom.  And during this part of the job we adjusted the railing height and such to bring the whole thing up to code.

All in all things eventually fell in to place, and the project was completed.

Though the treads and riser updating went quick, the railings and such were more involved and took time.

The railing parts had to be ordered custom. And after an unforeseen hiccup we did get them all installed. The upper treads were easy-peasy, but the lower open treads had some trim modifications. So once those adjustments were made the railings could go in to complete the project!

Upon speaking with the railing guy the parts were ordered. He went over the changes that would be necessary before they were installed.

Namely, the vintage 50’s -60’s stairs needed to and were brought up to current code.  So before the work started he explained the wall railing was too low, and had to be raised. And the lower left railing also had to be raised. So those changes were approved by our customer before the work started. 

And just when the installation date was set there was another final delay of game happened- the weather!

It poured for about 2 + days. Water was everywhere, and there was lots of flooding. But because raw, unfinished wood had to be cut outside before it got installed, our team didn’t take a chance.  Any drops of water would have absorbed into the raw wood and caused an appearance defect, so the work was scheduled to resume on the first sunny day.  

On day 1 of the installation I stopped to peak at the progress.

With systems go I tip toed in as the installer was modifying the landing tread. He re-fashioned it so the new newel post could be installed. At that point I asked when and who would be doing the staining and finishing. He told me he and his boss would mix the stain we gave them and finish it so it matched everything. 

All in all they followed our instructions and the railing system came out great. From where we started you can’t help but think, indeed this new stairwell really did come from heaven!

Somerdale railing stairs done

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