Renovating? Discover How Lady Contractors Can Do It Better

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When lady contractors rock!

Although I inspired by a gang of 7 really impressive ladies accomplished in their design and build craft, I’d like to share about a few who I’ve teamed up with who do inspire me. Maybe learning about them might impress you too! And maybe you could see yourself even working with them as well! 

But before I introduce them let me say a word about how I fit in to the lady contractor equation.

It’s no secret I am heavily involved in all aspects of our cleaning and refinishing business. And as a partner with Chris, we both have our place,. Me I’m on the front end, and Chris tees up afterward, and I follow up at the end to finish the cleaning and complete the service experience. Together it is a good duo! 

What starts with a client inquiry, we embrace and carefully carry the prospect to becoming a capably served client who is happy with their results, and is surprised and happy with their customer experience.  Knowing all aspects of the entire process starting with customer service, then delivering professional results in a positive way matters to folks, And concluding by converting a doubting, guarded customer to a champion referring client is our specialty. Cleaning, sanding floors, re-polishing them or even installing them is how we show it.  

Our service is a lady led experience with a team of capable guys and galswho care greatly about pleasing our customers, and it shows!



So you can say I run in what typically has been a man's world, that of being a contractor.

And although we specialize in floor and upholstery cleaning, when it comes to hardwood floor and stone care, that tends to be more of a man’s world- traditionally. 

Now let me say I know there are women owned contractors, owners and such who are incredibly talented, successful and esteemed amongst male counterparts. I am not trying to get in the weeds over sexist opinions. I am though simply commenting that happening upon fellow women contractors is a delightful and refreshing change.


Inspired by several gals, the first three of which vetted us out and hired us, all for hardwood floor refinishing. With trained eyes, they love our work and refer us, but they only work in commercial.

These gals, all really impressive backgrounds, then rehired us again for more refinishing, installation and cleaning. We are flattered that they used us! And we are even more flattered they thought enough of us to hire us back. And now they all refer us whenever the can. Here’s a little about who they are and what we did for them:


  • First Lady Client (name to remain private): Background as set designer for the Golden Globe Awards (a prestigious appointment for sure)- she researched and vetted us like we were applying for a job at the Pentagon! No stone unturned, she grilled us then hired us. Refinished her hardwood floors (correcting major sun fade), and did it perfectly. She was thrilled, then tacked on carpet & tile cleaning. And, she has since had us back for more work, and referred us to her neighbor. 
  • Second Lady Client, Cathy (her neighbor): While showing and sharing her recent floor refinishing with Cathy, she was duly impressed. Cathy has overseen contracting projects, hiring, and managing them from start to finish for various commercial companies for over 30 years. One such unique one was for a Princeton area based firm who buys old mills and abandoned commercial structures and turns them into office and living spaces (a brilliantly successful entity. Cathy hired us to refinish her kitchen, hall and foyer. Then immediate hired us back to install new wood to match in her dining room and finish that to match. She has since referred us for other wood refinishing, and tile and grout restoration. And now working for Amtrak, she sees some of our services to be a good fit to perhaps help her with over 300 train stations she now oversees.
  • Third lady client, Joanne: Seeing our work on line, and digging into our website she invited us to give her an estimate for her first floor project, the kitchen, foyer, living and dining room, hall bath and laundry area. Also a substantial project she hired us after giving us the same scrutiny she does when hiring all contracting work for a hospital conglomerate.  Nailing the first phase, she also had us back to continue refinishing her family room, bar and sunroom! 
All professionals in contracting, we are nothing short of flattered and grateful they awarded us the privilege to work for them doing wood refinishing and the other tasks mentioned above.
Because they are creative, talented and get the job done. And perhaps they might just be a good fit for you!

The first three impressive ladies are clients of ours who have used our services, chiefly hardwood floor refinishing. All three are accomplished in contracting in their own right. And, all three of them have used our services on atleast two times or more. 



The next group of Lady Contractors I am pleased to share with you all have between 10-35, or even 40 years experience. They too can hold their own.

But they mainly work in the homeowner and small business market. These gals might even be a good fit for you if you would prefer the capable leadership of their creativity and talent!

Let me introduce you to Claudia!

Claudia is a GC designer-contractor who has brought us in on many wood floor refinishing and installation jobs. She has a gang of contractors she oversees working to deliver projects for her clients.

Whether it is a mansion in Riverton, a to die for shore house in Stone Harbor, to a maple floor challenge in Voorhees, we are her  sole go to team for hardwood Floors. Too numerous to count, but each one successfully completed. 

Not messing around  she brings a So Philly get it done attitude, with a very creative eye. I think of her as a designer-gc who is there from start to finish.  With an impressive clientele she delivers every step of the way. Whether its center city,  the Philly burbs, So Jersey or the shore, she puts her creative stamp for her clients to enjoy! contact information

She runs on her reputation and people get in line for her work. So give me a call and I will connect you if you want.)

In a networking group, we met Checka, whose company is Diamonds and Drill Bits.

Checka is a swing your hammer kinda’ of gal who uses her expertise to capably deliver work to her customers. Checka has sold kitchen cabinetry, flooring and granite counter tops (for a client of ours who we’ve done a ton of work for.)  And, also on her resume is a long stint with a super high end builder here in the So Jersey area, who was very upset to see her go.

She is a creative and talented lady for sure. And boy, with a difficult project we are working on currently with her, I am impressed with how she took control out of the gate. Checka is the real deal. She has not been phased from anything we threw at her!  

So busy her head is spinning, but she carves time out for us, and I am sure others.  Take a look at her website, and give her a call if you might be looking for someone to help you!



While attending a fundraiser we met Liz and her side kick Peter.

Over Mother’s Day weekend we strolled across the street to our neighbors’ house,  who hosted a musical fundraiser for dis- advantaged mothers. In the crowd was a vibrant couple who we newly met. Liz clearly has singing talent, and her boyfriend Peter,  with an accent from Europe attracted ours and others attention. Actually from Poland, Peter kept us entertained while we listened to a musical duo, Max Davey ( a talented musician duo about to hit it big!)

Liz and Peter together run Ashley Belmont Hills Contracting, out of Bala Cynwood. Liz has a ton of connections and has refined her skills doing kitchen and bathroom renovations. She dialed in to our skillset and perked right up to here about what we do. She eagerly asked for our card, and emphatically said she would be calling us. She piped up that our tile & grout cleaning and color sealing sparked her interest. Likewise, she’d love to refer us hardwood floor refinishing as she doesn’t do that. 

We parted saying we were so glad to meet each other, and that there would be opportunities soon that we would collaborate on together (and since we already have)! 


And finally, I share Nicole's name with you, owner of The Coral Hammer.

Nicole, whose business is The Coral Hammer, comes from the kitchen bath design center at Lowes. That together with a background in art and design, she went out on her own too, and has never looked back.  

She found us on line, and hired us to strip wax off a customer of hers wood floors. (Some times people apply wax type products on top of polyurethane coated floors that can be a mess and look bad. Wax products really shouldn’t be used much, if at all on polyurethaned hardwood floors. 

That was the case for Nicole who tried everything she could think of to remove it herself. She had spec’d the floor for her client and tried to fix it for him to no avail.  As a ditch effort to appease the client we stripped it off. (as of this writing, the jury is still out)! 

Then a lightbulb went on, and Nicole realized she could again use our services. This time it was regarding a kitchen renovation in Barnegat Light. She was updating a kitchen and brought us in to steam clean the travertine floor. Getting the floor clean first seemed to make sense. So not but a few days later we got that done for her! And now with the kitchen complete Nicole moves on to other projects, with us in mind when what we do can help her. 

Probably focusing more on the shore area, keep her in mind for that next project you might have down the shore! 

By now you might get the point that like minds think a like. It is refreshing to meet and collaborate with women contractors using their skill, design and expertise to stylize projects from start to finish. I invite you to reach out to any of them., And keep us in mind for any of the services we do, especially hardwood floor refinishing and grout color sealing! They certainly turn heads, and so do we with our work!

Need or want to speak to these talented gals, we gave you their contact information! Want the specialty cleaning, re-polishing or refinishing we do, we welcome your call as well! Free Estimates Call 609.953.0472 or reach out to us  on line and we’ll call you!