Carpet Cleaner Saves Landlord’s College Rental Carpet

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Campus carpets cried for help!

 Two units, and both needed serious help!

You’d think it was Animal House relived! Just a few rooms and stairs in a basement, kinda wonder if it was rented from John Belushi’s great nephews!.  The carpets were trashed!

When carpets look this bad we have the fix, our cleaning solution called “trashed”! It’s our main go-to for severely soiled carpet. 


But soap alone is not enough, it takes a bit more,

The cleaning system and tools are critical for carpets like this. .

That is why truck mount carpet cleaning is ideal. A truck with a cleaning system powered by a vehicle engine will out clean most portables. Temperature is key, so the hotter the machine generates, the more effective the cleaning will be. And for this project we had to right set up and cleaning solutions.  


So for the animal house cleaning we kicked it up a notch too!


Our tech actually deviated from the norm, and sprayed a beyond heavy duty cleaner. He used a deck brush to agitate the dirty carpet fiber. This increases the chemical reactivity, similar to “spray and wash.” Definitely not a normal routine cleaning, this qualifies as a “restorative” cleaning.

With that said, he waited a bit, and then began extracting the carpets. 

Which leads to the next trick- getting out and using the "magic wand" , per se!

Not all wands are the same, many do different things.  In this case you might also call it “the Hail Mary’ wand!  Some are good for floors. Others are good for stairs. Some are good for upholstery, and others are good for edges. But this one pulls out all stops (and soiling)!


The animal house cleaned up pretty well!

You could say we took it from a 10 (10 being worst) to a 2. Not bad!

college campus dirty carpet glassboro
Here is somewhat typical college rental carpets after tenant move out
carmpus carpet after cleaning glassboro
Here is an impressive improvement to the carpet after cleaning it

The second unit was rented to girls, makeup spots were everywhere.

With specs of red, or unknown origin, our tech did a lot of hand spotting, both pre-spotting before the carpets were extracted. And they were spotted again after they were extracted. Hitting it again afterward seemed to get more out that didn’t come out when he extracted it..

It is common with rentals, especially like college rentals that there  are carpet cleaning challenges. Probably last thing on their minds is cleaning the place. Between studying, partying and perhaps overcharged hormones there might just be other priorities for them!


Like these landlords, it sure doesn't hurt to have a team of good carpet cleaners in your back pocket!

Frankly whether it be carpets or the newer LVP, the floors will likely take a beating. And LVP is not the end all either. I see it scratched, I see it affected by water spills (even though the product is claimed as being water proof.

Good luck with whatever flooring you have. And remember, keep us or other experienced carpet cleaning professionals in your back pocket! We might just be able to save those carpets for you!

Investing in college town rentals, or other rentals, having a highly skilled carpet and specialized cleaning team in your back pocket is helpful. Free Estimates Call 609.953.0472.