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Stone and Tile Care Tips


Proper care of your stone and tile will not only keep them looking great, it will maximize their life. Download our free guide, packed with tips, do's and don'ts and more!

Proper care will ensure a lifetime of beauty

We make it a point to educate our customers on proper stone care. To keep your stone, tile & grout surfaces looking their best, follow some simple but important care instructions. Download our Stone and Tile Care Guide for all of our care tips and information.

We strongly recommend you use only quality products designated safe for natural stone. Don't hesitate to ask us for recommendations.

Here are some other quick pointers to keep in mind.

  • Acidic liquids (wine, orange juice, tomato paste, a whole lot of other foods and just about all the cleaning products you buy straight off the grocery store shelf) will eat into marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, alabaster and some slates, leaving etch marks.
  • To minimize or prevent this and other kinds of damage to your natural stone surfaces download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide.
  • Clean up spills as quickly as possible. Do not rub a spill, simply blot it up.
  • Use coasters under glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices.
Download our Free Stone and Tile Care Guide
  • Use place mats under dishes, glasses and silverware, which could scratch the surface.
  • Play it safe. Use trivets or mats under hot dishes. Do not set them directly on your natural stone.
  • Avoid using cleaners that do not specifically state they are safe for natural stone, not only on the stone, but also on items nearby. For example, overspray from cleaning mirrors, or drips or splashes from toilet bowl cleaners can easily damage the stone beneath or around them if they are not specifically stone safe. 

Our Recommended Stone and Tile Care Products

Every time we finish a stone job, our clients ask us how to keep it looking beautiful. We always recommend MB Stone Care Products. Here are a few of our favorites:

MB Stonecare Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream

What It Is
This is a great cleaner for effortlessly and safely deep cleaning your stone surfaces, even tough messes.

Why We Love It

Easy Scrub Deep Cleaning Cream effortlessly tackles the toughest cleaning tasks, but it’s not just for tough messes. It is an ideal everyday deep cleanser, ensuring a sanitary and inviting environment.  

Where to Buy

MB Stonecare (MB1) Floor Amore One-Step Cleaner

What It Is

Superb, highly concentrated, no-rinse floor cleaner.

Why We Love It

It effortlessly eliminates dirt and grime without leaving behind any unsightly film. Thanks to its exceptional organic salts, your natural stone surfaces are treated to a much-needed “moisturizing” effect, safeguarding them from drying out. The highly concentrated formula means a little bit goes a long way.

Where to Buy

MB Stonecare Mold and Mildew Remover

What It Is

Mildew Remover For Natural Stone

Why We Love It

This incredible solution safely gets rid of mold & mildew stains, and any nasty smells on contact.

Where to Buy


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