Love’n for Lodge Room Floors

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Pine Floors Desperately Need Blending & Love!

All pine but different derivations of it, heart pine, other pine, medium plank pine, wider plank, some old, others much newer. Quite the challange to make if flow,
but we knocked it out of the park!

Overall this cabin has competing pine floors throughout. Some are heart pine, some are other narrow pine with next to no grain. Some are vintage 1936, some are wider plank, and others likely were harvested in different areas at different times. 

One thing is for sure, the pine floors as they flow throughout the house have no continuity. 

But this post focuses on the floors in the “Lodge Room,” such a rustic vibe that any lakefront or lake community house should have! 

Lodge room heart pine floor
Here is the original pine floor in the lodge room

Looking from the lodge room toward the lake it opens up to a formal dining area pictured below. Each of these areas are at opposite sides of each other, and about doubles the size of the "lodge room."

bad sunfade old vintage heartpine floor medford lakes
Besides the old finish and the bad sunfade, this pine is different from the other side of the "lodge room"
newer different sunfaded pine floor in Medford Lakes dining room
Here is the opposite end of the dining area, again different pine, extended off the heartpine lodge room

The lodge room is a cozy room nestled on the north end of the house. It has heart pine floors and a floor to ceiling stone fireplace. Add to that the wood rafters and ceiling, it just doesn’t get a cabin vibe more than this!

But looking from the lodge room toward the lake, is there is an area that was added. With a low ceiling but about doubling the size of the lodge room, a formal dining area nestles nicely in front of the lake view window. Not having a cathedral like the lodge part of the room, overtop are added bedrooms.  The added pine boards are different widths, and it certainly has a lot less grain to it. In fact, it probably isn’t heart pine, but pine from a different source. So no matter what is done it will look dissimilar.   

All sanded, at about where the log column is, you can see a variation in the floor, toward the window.That floor has more grain, coloration and knots. Toward the bottom of the picture it looks plainer.

Different pine boards

To expand on the concept, beyond the column toward the window is heartpine, vintage 1936. There are deep reds, lots of grain and knots. From the column in closer the boards look more bland. But there’s more to it than that! 

Yes the pine is different, probably differ ages, certainly different grains, and when you are actually in the room you will see they are wider width boards. Not only that, they are installed differently.

While both tongue and groove (not top nailed), the main “lodge room area” is a traditional installation with random length boards. The newer area is not. You see vertical lines standing at attention. Also, they are wider boards. The installer did not randomly place the boards. This is somewhat sloppy.

All in all there’s a lot going on!

But the real challenge will be to migrate the color of the newer pine material to match closer in color of the heartpine.

So seeing the differences you can decipher that we have a challenge to blend the floor color. But the next thing to consider, is to build the color to what? There are pine logs, there is pine paneling, lots of darker shaded trim, window and door casings. They are all competing colors. And then add in the original heart pine grain deviation.

I say pick one!

Actually we did get input from the designer and the listing realtor. So match toward the paneling at the south end of the dining room is what we went for.  We picked a happy medium, choosing to build color to the pine paneling (pictured below).

Matching hardwood floor color to hardwood paneling
We picked a happy medium, choosing to build color to the paneling color on the wall.

First we added layers of tint on the newer side of the greater lodge room. Once we got close, then we applied the tint and finish across the entire floor.

After increasing the color of the newer section we had the designer come to see it in person. The pictures weren’t doing it justice, and the shadows in different parts of the cabin threw the pictures off. 

At this point we were cleared to do our final coat. And once we did we were pretty happy with the results!

Although the pictures below have different lighting, the floors' color now looks more uniform, but with varying grain that obviously cannot be altered.

Pine floor color match in Medford Lakes
Hearpine floor refinished and updated in Medford Lakes
Lodge room pine floors blended for color in Medford Lakes
Heartpine sanded & refinished in Medford Lakes

Being that we blended these floors we are pleased that the others will be more coordinated (for the most part).

The turtle room, at the end of the hallway by the bathroom was untouched. 

But the transition from the lodge room to the family room is much closer, and the same goes from the lodge room to the kitchen. 

Almost home free, we were pleased with the lodge room appearance, but now how to survive a "turtle extraction"- fingers crossed!

After coming all this way, we were made aware that a turtle, and its pond liner / perch was going to be disassembled.

Realizing the pond liner had to exit the house through the front door, I became quite concerned that the floor might be damaged. To learn more about how we averted disaster click here.

We moved next to the Stairs, Master Bedroom Retreat, and finally to the kitchen!

The following pictures are a collection of views in and of the 'Lodge Room' once the floors were refinished and the home was now staged. Will make a beatiful lakefront home for that special someone!

Lodge Fireplace & Dining Room Medford Lakes
Lodge balcony staged Medford Lakes
Cabin staged Medford Lakes
Medford Lakes Lodge room staged fireplace seating
Medford Lakes Lodge dining view
Lodge pine hardwood refinished to match pine paneling

Finally done the lodge room we move to the stairs, master retreat, then the kitchen.

With more work to be done we are getting thru this larger project. 

Next up will be to remove the worn out carpet runner, and sand and finish the stairs to match.  Then we will work our magic in the Master Retreat! And finally we will finish updating and blending the floor in the kitchen so it coordinates in color and finish touches to the Lodge Dining Area and The Family Room.

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