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Client 'Pipes Up' and Compares Her Two Refinishing Job Experiences... One With A "Buzz," One Without!

We 'smoked' a recent job, as in, in and out in no time and a stunning outcome. As we were concluding, our client related how this experience compared to a previous one.

As I was giving our client her exit instructions and we were discussing how the job went, she made a point of telling me that Marvin (our wood floor magician), was great, his work speaks for itself, and that her floors were beautiful, but added, “Let me tell you about a previous experience I had 15 years ago…”

She began to tell me that though the previous job actually came out well, the guy doing the work was in hindsight a real piece of work. She reiterated that while she couldn’t say his work was bad, he was a little too “relaxed” doing it and while being in her home.

She went on to explain that, first, while the refinisher was taking a break on our front porch done, a good friend had come in the door, and said “Hey, do you know the guy sanding your floors is outside on your front step smokin’ weed?”

It didn’t stop there. She went on to explain that his relaxed approach went even further…

She said that just as she had greeted Marvin and me when we came onto the job, offering us to help ourselves to water or soda in the fridge in the garage, she had done so with the previous guy.

And  after a giggle she went on.

“During that time we had plastic up blocking us from getting into the garage from our family room so we didn’t have normal access to the garage. After he was done and gone, we noticed he also helped himself to not only the water and soda, he had helped himself to a full case of beer we had in the fridge!

At that point all three of us laughed. Marvin piped up (pardon the pun), “You don’t have to worry about me, I drink maybe a couple times a year, only with my best friend, and I don’t use weed.”

Getting Buzzed is Never Acceptable On the Job

Now really, in today’s world having a buzz may be considered ok, but ‘on the job’ is no place for it.

In my world, with my values and commitment to my customers, I work hard to gain their trust. There is absolutely no place for weed or firewater and we have zero tolerance for it with any of our technicians. Not only is it not professional, but sanding hardwood floors is hard, tedious and complex work. Yeah, you can surf through the day with a joint and a Buffett song blasting, praying for it to be 5 o’clock somewhere, but you need to be spot on as your plow through the uncharted waters or of working in the wood or stone world!

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