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Grungy RV Upholstery Cleaned Before Canadian Across Country Trip

Sweat, suntan lotion and toe jam steamed out of the upholstery and carpet.

We recently had a client reach out to us for some cleaning and sanitizing of his RV upholstery. Turns out the RV is going across Canada from the East Coast, to the Canadian Rockies and beyond. He decided to clean the dirt and grunge and start fresh.

For this customer we made it easy-peasey for him. We met him where his RV was stored, in this case it was in Lakehurst at a storage rental place, often where RV’s and boats are stored.

In fact, for years while keeping our boat at a marina on the Chesapeake, at Great Oak Landing Marina we cleaned. Besides cleaning the marina carpets, hotel rooms and floors, we would schedule a Sunday to have our truck mount machine at the marina. Our fellow boaters would take turns docking near our truck and we would clean the boat interiors one after the other. Everyone loved it because carpets and upholstery in boats, like RV’s, take a real beating from the fun and sun and life!

With that in mind, your upholstery is probably screaming to be cleaned!

Upholstered fabric can do a phenomenal job of hiding and masking soil. Looking ‘clean’ doesn’t mean it’s not dirty. Honestly, it is often a Petrie dish of all kinds of nasty stuff. Just use your imagination!

Or think of it this way, you wouldn’t sleep on sheets that haven’t been changed in 6 months, but yet you live and soil your upholstery sometimes for years and years! Over time your upholstery get soiled just like your sheets, but you don’t think to give them a bath too once in a while.

How and who comes along for the ride dictates what the upholstery experiences!
  • if it’s just you two, perhaps its body oil and suntan lotion
  • how about dirt and soot from the camp fire
  • barefoot, add some toe jam
  • if your pooch or feline friend, add some pet hair and dander
  • prob cat yak, hair ball or butt rub
  • add the kids and grands, well chances are there’s drips, dribbles and spills
  • maybe wet bathing suits from the pool, lake or ocean
  • babies and toddlers, maybe there’s drool, or a diaper blow out
  • potty training mishaps
  • too much partying
  • how about staleness or dampness from being closed up
  • add some dirt and dust or mud
So honestly, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it is not filthy! Need more convincing? Take a broom and bang it on your sofa cushions. Caution- might be good to hold your nose. Or at least hold your breath when you do. More often than not the act of banging on the cushion will cause the dust to billow up in the air, enough some times to make you choke!
Dramatic difference cleaning upholstery dinette cushion in South Jersey
See the difference! Wow! Look at this dinette cushion getting professionally cleaned
cleaning dirty RV upholstery
This dirty RV dinette seat is half cleaned, see the dirt
clean rv sofa upholstery
Cleaning this RV sofa makes it look better, smell better and actually healthier too
Steam cleaning RV upholstery & carpet
Here the captain's chair is now clean, next is the dirty carpet

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