Another Color Conundrum

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Never know when color will mess things up, and here was no exception

aged dated amberized pine floor medford lakes
Tons of orange going on with this family room before we sanded it
Medford Lakes cabin pine floor before refinishing
This is an old, dated pine hardwood floor before we sanded it.

This family room floor is pine, and older dated pine at that.  Pictued with the heating grate on the left you are looking toward the half wall that peeks into the lodge room. The pine in the lodge room is also pine, but two different kinds, one heart pine, and one another with much less veins and variations. And toward the right side you see an opening to the kitchen, with yet another pine floor. 

So basically, there are 4 different pine floors all somewhat coming together that need to be brought as closely as possible in the coloring, tinting and finishing. Add to that the pine trim, casing and windows, well let’s just say there is a lot of orange and yellow going on.

First we had to sand it down, and then played with the color- a hiccup!

At first thought we planned to tint the seal and finish coats. So we had Jill, the Interior Designer choose what seemed to be a good middle of the road choice.

Bad idea,  with the painted walls and dark room it made it muted, pumpkin orange, and really looked bad. 

Then we decided to use a full on stain color, that gave us a better starting point. 

Approving tint color to age a pine floor
While it seemed ok here, when applied in the seal, it was really ugly, and had to be sanded off.
Medford Lakes Pine family room restained and refinished
The family room looks much better, the color is updated and will blend better with the other pine floors

The hardwood stain went down, and we began blending tint in, into the finish, a much better result!

Now that the stain is on and the finish coats are tinted, the floor looks updated and blends nicely with the darker trim. It will also tie in better with the newer paint color, and make the room pop too. Finally, the flow of the color from the family room as it transitions will lay nicely against the vastly different, and two opposing floors. This will greatly improve the appearance from one area to another!

Cabin family room pine floor refinished and staged
This family room is lovely , all freshly painted and pine floor updated

If you have old dated pine floors, or yellowed floors and want them updated give us a call.  



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