Spills on Upholstery

Annual Church Carpet Cleaning Ensues

Medford United Methodist Church appreciates our steady hand in providing carpet cleaning, upholstery and stripping and waxing services. They know we have their back, offer caring advice and creates a cleaning plan to target their needs without blowing up the budget

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Severe carpet traffic soiling, Black traffic soiling on carpet, Cigarette smoke soiling on carpet, Cigarette residue on carpet, Black soiled carpet traffic lanes

Cigarette Smoke and Traffic Lane Soiling…

Marlton client admits the carpet has severely soiled traffic lanes. He dares to hope the traffic lane soiling will clean up enough to have guests back after funeral services and not be embarrassed. He also hopes to keep buyers from walking out, they look that horrendous. A hospice situation, all attention was given to his mother, now with a wing and a prayer it was time to give some to attention to her house and carpets...

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Allergy cleaning, Moorestown mansion, carpet, tile, travertine, hardwood, LVP, Marble, cement

Moorestown’s “Big” Pet Allergy Cleaning

Even though this manicured home looks clean, pet allergens are everywhere, sticking to every surface. Despite looking clean this home needs a deep sanitizing to make it safe and healthy for the new owners who suffer with pet allergies...

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feces accidental spill on carpet before cleaning, human feces spill on carpet

Feces Accident on Carpet

Feces, vomit and blood are some of the most difficult spots to remove from carpet and upholstery, and best left to a professional for chance of removal...

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Severly soiled, stained and damaged off white carpet before steam cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Miracle In Marlton

If there's a chance to clean up really dirty, soiled and neglected carpets finding a professional with the best equipment, specialty tricks and experience will improve chances that it will clean up, and this project was no different...

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“Slime,” Play Dough, Dog Pee-Medford Carpets Get Cleaned Up From Homeowner Mishaps

Kids & Pets can be brutal on carpets. Never surprised to get a call from a parent whose kid got their slime or play dough on the carpet. Or, they drew on the carpet with crayons, sharpie markers or spilled make up. We get calls when toddlers have painted chocolate on the floor, walls or upholstery. According to their age, projectile vomit, sippy cups, sport bottles, smell gym bags, or beer pong. If a pet parent is calling- puppy or kitten potty training, sick animals, parents overdue for letting them out (not their fault), sneaky pay backs or anxiety, and end of life heartbreaking disasters. Bottom line, there are real reasons parents call carpet cleaners like us (like these folks!)

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