Carpet Cleaner Vets Out Credible VCT Refinisher

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Discussing their dull VCT floor in their community room, the retirement association board at Greenbriar considers replacing it.

Their floor was so dull the retirement community staff had a board meeting. On the agenda was to discuss replacing their community center all purpose activity room. This room is 7,555 square feet and has accorrdian partition walls that separate into 3 rooms as needed. 

Overall the vct floor is really dull. So when it came up the board decided to have a floor consultation  in to evaluate the floor and entertain samples to replace it. And that’s exactly what they did.

So I believe they called their trusted carpet cleaner, Jack, to get guidance about the VCT floor. He gave them the right advice, and lucky for them!

Dull VCT floor brick nj before stripping
This vct floor is dull it doesn't need replacement, it needs professional stripping & re-waxing

Jack steered them right. Although dull the integrity of the floor was in really good shape across the entire installation. There was no sign of wear, loose, stained or cracked tiles. The overall appearance was good. There were no traffic patterns or issues found.

So the conclusion was, the best solution was to get professional stripping and waxing, and perhaps a maintenance plan installed to maintain the shine once it is done.

However, continuing to serve his client Jack offered to vet out and search for an experience company to serve them.

So, if I could be a betting person I would guess the conversation came up would he strip and refinish it for them. He respectfully answered that he did not have the equipment to do so. And he did not wish to take it on. It was well known that he was biding out his time until retirement, and his planned move to Florida.

Preferring to find a small, local “mom and pop” company like his, he went on line to find someone. Perhaps an industry secret, nationally known franchises or large entities are not always the best solution while looking for a good company. 

National franchises are made up of individual franchise owners, some are good, some are not. The integrity of the franchise in any given location is only as good as the individual franchisee is. Jack knows this. He has spent his career in his family business started by his father competing against local franchises. Some good, some bad, but all having the benefit of receiving mass advertising where he and his dad had to prove themselves as good or better than the local franchise competitor. 

Spending some time on line he finds us and reaches out, he is further convinced we are the right fit!

In his words to them, as explained to me on the phone, he revealed he didn’t do that kinds of work. He made it his purpose to vet out a company experienced and equipped who was local. But beyond the credentials and experience, he also wanted to seek out a smaller, hands on family company similar to his.

It’s no secret, and Jack knew it that in floor care, whether janitorial or  carpet cleaners, bigger is not necessarily better.

In fact it can often be worse. When you deal with the big guns you get a loss of personal connection. They tend to outsource in order to get their cut of the profits, without having a close hands on tab on what’s going on. Worse than that they often have no relationship with whom they hire. Instead they find “a body”, and fill it. Add to that the probability that they will take the easy way out and deliver a half-baked and half – you know what job. The service doesn’t suit the need or serve the customer.

We concur, Jack is ‘spot on’ in his thinking, and our work proves it!

Brick Twp VCT floor strip & refinishing
Retirement Community Room stripped & refinished in Brick Twp, NJ
Here's the proof! On the left is what we started with, and on the right is what we ended up with and delivered to them!

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