“Slime,” Play Dough, Dog Pee-Medford Carpets Get Cleaned Up From Homeowner Mishaps

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Two Recent Miracle Carpet Cleanings

The Problem

Homeowner No. One’s carpet problem-

Without getting too personal, this homeowner gent continues to be comforted by elderly dogs and cats (not sure of all their ages,) after a tough year and a whirlwind year of changes. His sorrow and loss is profound and runs deep. Pile on some medical issues and a job change, he has a lot on his personal plate. But why stop there? He sold his house and is now in a rental as he looks to downsize.

While his fury family and he both adjust, his office is ground zero.  Re-training the troops in itself can be a task, but managing his blind dog’s care on top of things makes for a hit or miss reality. Our heartstrings screamed (help) and we worked to come to the rescue months before. This time we jumped to his aid the same day he called. With guests arriving the next day we stepped up to get the home ready for entertaining.

Homeowner No. Two’s Carpet Problem- kids’ slime & artful creations

A busy house with young kids, clearly there is a passion for art creations. The timing was right for this homeowner to get some carpets cleaned. Folks, this carpet and room doubled as an art studio, and the carpet had become the canvas. Play Dough, markers, slime, who knows, throw in some glitter, these little ‘Rembrats’ (said with love as any parent who might refer to their budding artists. And said with a snicker or slight angst upon discovering their little darlings had outdone themselves!)

The artful creations were scattered, and so were the drips, dribbles and food spills. After seeing the masterpiece, Chris knew he had his hands full! (ps- for those who might remember, years ago, this might be in comparison for when Chris caught the Chocolate Bandito- a happy toddler who smeared chocolate all over the walls, the carpet and the upholstery while Daddy was asleep on the couch, one tough challenge to restore the marriage, once Mommy came home!)

This homeowner made the right choice. Chris, our Master Carpet Cleaner Extraordinaire, pulled out all the stops, tricks and whatever else: not something a rookie, unequipped or “unseasoned” carpet cleaner could pull off. Lucky for Chris, he loves a carpet cleaning challenge!

A Combination of Tools, Equipment, Effective Cleaning Solutions, Techniques, and Yes: Tricks

Without being redundant, our previous case study entitled “Heavily Soiled South Jersey Carpet” goes into great depth about the role of equipment and usage of specialty wands has on the outcome of carpet cleaning challenges (feel free to refer to it if you want to get “in to the weeds” about technical cleaning.)

But honestly, results in cleaning depends on effective cleaning equipment, preferably a variety of wands to choose from. It also involves using effective cleaning solutions, proven techniques and yes, some tricks and even a little luck. Investment all the way around is key, not usually emphasized by the “cheapy cleanies.”

And beyond the physical investment, much depends on knowledge, experience and commitment. Experience, training & certification, learning the chemistry of cleaning through education, trial and error, honestly, takes years. Then add tricks learned along the way, and the ability to unpack the problems with a plan to correct them, you can appreciate the value of working with a seasoned professional.  A hint- you should spend time researching– not only the hot shot owner on the phone, also the actual technician who will be doing the work for you. In the end it is their skill, problem solving, and the ability “to waltz with the Wand-a” till the carpet is clean that will help you!

Carpet Problem No One– may sound impossible, but for us it was just another piece of urine cake (and I’m not lying!) With the selection of our powerful natural cleaning agent, we were able to clean, sanitize and rinse out the recent pet accidents and foot traffic that showed up quickly. To our advantage, this was recent soiling, so it had not altered the fiber surface. Instead, it sat on the fiber surface waiting for the right solution to suspend the soiling (get the soiling to release,) and effective extraction to rinse it out thoroughly.

Carpet Problem No Two– easy not so much, a dabble (slime) here, a dabble (play dough) there, many dabbles everywhere. Dropping down on the “canvas,” Chris had to use a specialty spotter geared toward attacking grease based spotters, which seemed to demand much of his time. Crawling over all of the heavily spilled or “painted” areas spotting, even scraping hardened material, it was slow going. You see, cleaning with solvent based spotters is tricky in itself. You can’t just heavily spray a solvent on the carpet because the solvent solution can damage the carpet. You have to use a controlled “gel spotter” that stays on top of the fiber to attack the foreign material, not soak in where it will attack the glue that holds the layers of the carpet together. Too much over-spotting with a safer gel spotter will even cause damage.

Chris, he had to use just enough but not too much. He decided to bring in our expensive “zipper” wand, again a significant upgraded wand 90% of average carpet cleaners don’t fork out the big bucks for, and hence don’t have to assist them (who do you think gets short changed?) But for Chris, this is an essential tool he knows will get results for certain situations, and happily he brought it in to this art- gallerie-de-plaza. After spending way too much time on his hands and knees, Chris next extracted with our natural based, secret cleaning solution that has a citric ingredient (ideal for solvent or grease based stains), and “Instant Sesame’– Now you see it, now you don’t!”

Now a clean canvas, already for our Renoir Wannabees to start a’fresh (ha-ha!) All kidding aside, dad was impressed, and really happy with the outcome. So much so, while Chris was still at his house he immediately referred him. Not an hour later his friend called with his own carpet emergency for us to tackle– put in the “can this carpet be saved?” category. Chris will be going to the friends today as we speak, a mere 24 hours later after cleaning for this happy dad/ homeowner!

Finally, the first gent client was vindicated from his problem and could proudly welcome his guests to his home. All is well with one day of carpet cleaning. Team Sparkle is happy to have come to the rescue!

Are you a homeowner in South Jersey pulling your hair out because your kids got slime, play dough, sharpies, makeup or chocolate all over your carpets?  Are you struggling with an elderly, sick pet that is using your carpet as a toilet? Is that traffic lane short cut thru the Dining room or elsewhere suffering from foot traffic, mop residues and drips, dribbles and spills that are out of control, even your cleaning won’t fix?  These are advanced soiling problems that may need advanced cleaning. Every minute you wait might decrease your chances of getting it out! Call us, we will assess your project and tell you what is cleanable and what is not. We will not just take your money, we will only clean it when we think we can make a difference. For honest advise, and professional cleaning from as far north as the Greater Princeton area, local in the Burlington-Camden County area, The Jersey Shore, west to the King of Prussia area, points south to Northern Delaware and MD on a case by case basis, we can get you covered! Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.