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Hardwood floor refinished

Are we the right refinishing team for you?

For when hiring a hardwood finishing team that results in beautifully restored, gorgeous looking hardwood floors is a must—then we are the refinishing team for you!

Clients hire us when they want nothing spared in restoring their hardwood floors.

When the goal is to assure that every attention to detail is given in hardwood floor refinishing we respectfully say we are the right refinishing team for you. This means no stone goes unturned, and besides not just following, but often exceeding industry standards, you want your floors to look their absolute best.

Doing refinishing is complicated enough as it involves many harrowed tasks. But when accepting a job there can be many little details that are discovered along the way. So when finding them our team addresses each one as the floors are prepared to be refinished. Most refinishers ignore them, but we don’t. Why fix something on a grand scale while slapping duct tape on it?

The devil is in the details, things like:

  • transitions that are the wrong material, or are loose, ones that don’t fit (perhaps too high or the wrong shape)
  • boards that are raised or sunk below the overall floor
  • squeaks in the floor
  • water damaged or termite damaged boards that are worthless
  • splintered boards (which can be hazardous)
  • material incorrectly used (either the wrong species board substituted because the installer didn’t have the correct one, or was too lazy to get the right one)
  • trim that is incorrect, or slapped on
  • anything that is malfunctioning, incorrect, installed wrong or not appropriate

It’s true, refinishers inherit all kinds of things. The choice is to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist (because it wasn’t your work or isn’t your job) is the easy route. One can easily turn a blind eye, and keep the “band aid or hot mess” because most clients would never know. If you don’t really care bout these little nuggets of imperfection, then again, perhaps we aren’t the right fit.

Likewise, if a passionate commitment to excellence is important, our refinisher will deliver.

Not just a craftsman, one client deemed it eloquently:

He is not just a craftsman, he is much more—it is artistry, he is an artist who pours his heart and soul into his work and craft. 

Our refinisher strives for perfection and treats every job as if it were being done in his own home. The results of this commitment and the vibe on the street is shared like red hot gossip and people come to us because they have learned how we roll and want what we “bring to the table.”

Recently a Mt. Laurel client reveals we weren’t the least expensive, but chose us. What is the phrase? 

“Quality, Service and Price- Pick Two, You Can’t Have All Three”

Another recent client, sidetracked in choosing an already contracted remodeler. because he talked his way into having her use him instead of us, reverted back to us after his subcontractor botched the job (not just once, but 3 times). She had seen our work, heard first hand about the refinishing and customer experience, and barely survived once we inherited the “red hot mess”, let alone her hardwood floors as well.

If you are looking for the cheapest job possible we respectfully say we are NOT the right contractor for you.

Unfortunately, hardwood floor refinishing estimates can be all over the place, and for a consumer it can be really, really, really hard to tell what you are getting for what you are spending. Price alone is a scary basis to make your decision. Speed is also a scary benchmark in committing. What are you getting for what you are spending can be hard to vet through. How can attention to detail stand out on a piece of paper?  Likewise how can commitment to provide results be measured when staring at the bottom line? And the forgotten thought of a preferred service experience, that has all but disappeared? (Last 3 customers were amazed, as the project progressed they became enlightened, pleased, then thrilled- but how does a company convey that to a prospect?)

If it’s a bottom line decision, beware. Do your homework, and get into the weeds!

The bottom line might be black and white, but that’s often a slippery slope, and certainly not who we are. The big guy’s name might be familiar, but beware about what you get. What are the driving reasons when you are investing thousands of dollars? Might it be worth it to “get in to the weeds,” dive in to the details, and listen, learn and do some serious vetting. We think so, and so did these prospective clients.

Generally competitive for “like—kind” work, our work comes with it an investment in better equipment, better materials and superior service.

Our estimate is generally competitive, but not the least expensive. Make sure it’s an “apples to apples” comparison. Often it’s not and the devil’s in the details. For instance:

  • is the competing bid including dustless technology
  • does the estimate incorporate adhering to industry standards or is it a slap job
  • does the bid include allocated time for a full and proper sanding “schedule” (not fast)
  • are materials being utilized at full strength (not weakened for compromised coverage)
  • will the job be executed by a professional tending to every detail correctly and incorporating existing workmanship or compromises as part of the repair and refinishing
  • will the timeline be “too fast” for proper execution

If something seems “off” or too good to be true, it probably is. Buyer should beware!

Do the homework, flush out the differences, and make informed decisions. Chances are thousands of dollars are at stake, and what do you want for your money?

As we reviewed our project with our prospective clients Wendy mentioned a couple of key points about our team. She mentioned that our lead sander loves, loves, loves to refinish hardwood floors. He strives for perfection each and every job. And, he treats it like he were refinishing his own floors. This resonated with our prospective clients.

And when asked if we worked weekends, Wendy said yes. Our sander takes one day off a week. He dislikes being off more than that, which is good because often hardwood floor refinishing often takes 5 days or more. So typically the home is disrupted over a weekend in addition to the work week. And since it is an invasive process homeowners tend to prefer that the contractor’s team will work on a Saturday to keep the progress going.

But what tipped the scales for these particular customers…

was when Wendy said our lead sander is not in it for the money. The absolute most rewarding moment for our sander is when he turns the home back over to the homeowners once his work is complete. When he sees how the customers react when they see how beautiful their floors are, that is what makes it all worth while for him! (In fact former bosses constantly try to hire him back ((in another industry)), but he refuses—refinishing hardwood floors means too much to him, so he commonly and discreetly says “No Thank You!)

We thank our lucky stars to have such a dedicated and happy employee. We know we offer outstanding workmanship and a superior service experience. We just wish we could clone him (lol!)

  • If you are looking for a beautiful hardwood refinishing job, then we respectfully suggest you call us.
  • We follow industry standards, and have the best equipment our industry has to offer
  • We strive for perfection in each and every job we are entrusted with.

These qualities don’t stand out on a piece of paper, they are communicated in information detailed on line. They are shared by others who have experienced our work and can vouge for it. And they are promised first hand by our estimating team.

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