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Learn more about your surfaces and how to care for them.


We make it a point to keep our site rich with information and resources. These tips and articles are posted regularly on our site and on our social media pages.

Robot vacuum Cleaners – Yay or Nay?

A robot vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that you program to clean. It can be program...

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When Romancing a Stone Doesn’t Work

An explanation of when and when you cannot alter properties in granite and natural ston...

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Quartzite vs Quartz

Quartzite and Quartz: These two words sound almost the same, but they are definitely no...

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Big Guy Goes Big In Moorestown Home

Deep steam in Moorestown, cleaning for allergens-when you need a "court offensive to go...

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Signs You Need to Get Your Carpet cleaned

Taking care of spills and stains by spot cleaning is a great way to help prevent perman...

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A Brief History of Stone Polishing

Stone polishing has been done since the beginning of civilization.Egyptian workers used...

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When The Glue Sticks

A Botched Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation -The Glue Is Everywhere! When the warn...

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Client’s Attempt At Spot (?) Removal

When it’s maybe not so good to learn the difference between a “spot” ...

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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

Spot cleaning an area that is soiled or stained is a great way to help your carpet look...

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Staining vs Etching on Natural Stone

One of the best reasons to use natural stone for your projects is that it is a renewabl...

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Cleaning to Remove Pet Allergens

Affected By Pet Allergies? Between 500,000 and l million hospital visits are result of ...

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Carpet Tiles: Yes or No?

What are carpet tiles? Carpet tiles are exactly what they sound like. Pieces of carpet,...

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When The Glue Sticks

A Botched Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation -The Glue Is Everywhere! When the warning signs about an improper installation and concerns are real– trust your gut as this ... Read More

Dragging Heavy Objects Across A Hardwood Floor Will Scratch It Easily

Unknowingly Folks Drag Stuff Across Hardwood Floors and Cause Damage That Might Not Be Fixable. A quick decision to drag something heavy could the floor could result in a scratch n... Read More

Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge Receives Gift of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Betty Woodford’s Cedar Run Wildlife Receives Gift of Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Medford, the wildlife refuge is well loved, and the floors showed it too. Most all Medford ... Read More

Passion for His Craft

Our refinisher insists on perfection and treats every hardwood floor refinishing project as if it were his own home. This reputation has driven many clients to us. ... Read More

Beware! Painters’ Tape Will Pull Hardwood Polyurethane Finish

Painter’s Tape Caution! Don’t make the mistake of allowing anyone to use painter’s tape on your polyurethane hardwood floor finish. It can damage your floors. Mak... Read More

Choosing Your Stain Color and Sheen. Get It Right!

Overall, stain color selection more than anything can be the biggest disappointment a customer experiences if they get it wrong. It is by far the most important decision.... Read More

Questions Which May Reveal When Your Hardwood Floors Need Professional Help

Answer these questions to know if your floors need professional help and learn the facts about common myths about fixing hardwood floor problems... Read More

Instructions For Newly Refinished Hardwood Floors

Here are immediate and on-going care instructions for wood floors once they have been refinished.... Read More