Hard Realities About Pet Urine (or Human)and Odor Damage

The Problem- Urine and Odor Affect Carpet, Fabrics and Textiles Carpet, fabrics, even textiles are exceptionally good at hiding pet or human urine contamination. Digging in and getting to the bottom of the urine and odor can be challenging, It quickly becomes a bigger problem than anticipated, and often more costly than anticipated. Another difficult
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odor problems between spouses

When Carpet Cleaners Become Marriage Counselors- Well, Almost!

Carpet Cleaners Sometimes Get Right Between Two Arguing Spouses Over Strong Odors— For One Spouse The Odor Knocks Them Out While The Other Spouse Thinks They Are Nuts Odors are a very personal experience. What can knock one person out can be nonexistent to the other. Just as with taste, what one thinks is great
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painters tape can damage hardwood floor finish

Beware! Painters’ Tape Will Pull Hardwood Polyurethane Finish

Don’t Make the Mistake of Allowing Anyone to Use Painter’s Tape on Polyurethane Hardwood Floor Finish! It can damage your floors. Make absolutely sure all contractors work meticulously and carefully to protect your hardwoods. Once, twice, three’s a charm—NOT! Our story begins by sharing 3 back to back instances of how tape caused severe damage.
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