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How To Tell When Your Upholstery Needs Cleaning

Most Upholstery Is Never, Ever Cleaned- Fabrics You Sit, Lay On and Live on Daily– They Are To Allowed to Collect Dust, Germs, Fungus & More, Yet You Launder and Sanitize Your Bath Towels and Wash Your Sheets Regularly- The Logic? There is none. It is no secret that homeowners regularly change and wash their
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Screened Hardwood Sunfade

Screen and Top Coat – A Process To Restore Hardwood Floors

When Screen and Top Coat Might Be An Option Perhaps the floors are showing some minor battle scars, but nothing deep or radical.  Maybe the shine is obscured or the finish appears “thin in areas.”  Maybe you need some TLC on a budget or are readying the house to sell and need a little spiffing
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