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Why Carpets Shed and What To Do About It

After new carpet is installed, loose fiber fragments may be leftover from the manufacturing process. Learn why shedding happens, and what you can do to stop it.... Read More

Damaged Dimension Stone Panels

This article explains which dimension stone panel problems can be resolved by your stone restoration technician, and which problems require replacement.... Read More

Why Carpet Ripples Happen and What To Do About It

Carpet ripples, wavy areas that appear in wall-to-wall carpeting, may be temporary or an ongoing problem, depending on the situation. Here are the details.... Read More

Soft Water Can Damage Marble

You've likely heard of hard water damage on natural stone, but did you know that soft water can also damage it? Learn how to protect susceptible stone.... Read More

The Wonderful Uses of Thymol

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme... Just as you get ready for Thanksgiving and the Holidays, chances are you are stocking up on spices and seasonings for your favorite recipes, bu... Read More

When Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Must

There are certain extra messy circumstances that warrant an extra visit from your professional carpet cleaner. Following are the details...... Read More

A Natural Stone Stain Remover

Natural stone, concrete, terrazzo, and certain tiles, as well as the grout lines in between tile, can become stained. Many stains can be removed using acetone.... Read More

Tips for Safely Moving Heavy Furniture on Carpet

Moving heavy furniture can be stressful enough without injuries, torn or snagged carpet, or damaged furniture. Here are a few tips to avoid potential problems.... Read More

Stone & Tile Restoration Helps Sell Homes

A simple way to improve buyer appeal and help your home sell quickly for the price you are asking is by having clean, elegant, welcoming floors and surfaces.... Read More

How to Remove Cigarette Odor

Here is how to remove cigarette odor, resins, and tars from interior spaces from floors to ceilings and everything in-between. Unless you remove it from everywhere, you will still... Read More

What You Should Know About Jerusalem Limestone

If you are selecting natural stone and considering Jerusalem limestone or if you already have Jerusalem limestone, this article may be of interest to you. ... Read More

Help! Carpet Turned Crunchy After Cleaning

Less-than-reputable carpet cleaners or DIY machine rentals can result in crunchy, stiff carpet fibers. Here are the details and how to resolve the problem.... Read More


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