We Fixed and Saved Our Clients’ Badly Pet Stained Hardwoods

The Problem

Short sale house’s red oak hardwood floors were riddled throughout with bad, even severe pet stain spots. Most stains were located in the middle of the rooms where area rugs were placed. They were in prominent locations in the family room, living room, dining room and most of the bedrooms. Replacing all the damaged boards was not cost effective. As a result of all the damage it would be a complete whole house tear out. Moreover, it would especially be so if the clients wanted light colored floors. Best possible option was to bleach the floors, then stain them darker if the hardwood floors were to be saved.

The Challenges

  • All the stains were in the middle of the rooms
  • Replacing the affected boards was not cost effective
  • Sanding below the urine damage was impossible
  • Sanding and bleaching them would offer little improvement
  • Only floor saving option was to stain the floors darker to mask the remaining visible pet stains

Our Solution

We proposed to bleach them to lighten the stains. Then we would ‘test stain’ the worst areas. Using stain options they like first we would show them how the colors mocked up for their approval. While doing so, we would also confirm if their choices would completely cover and mask the remaining visible pet damage. If the clients liked and approved a darker color choice, we could then sand and refinish the floors to hide the stains. This is the only option (and cost effective option) we could offer that avoided a whole house replacement.

The Results

The pet spots lightened nicely. We got rid of the old, stale and yellowed finish. They also sanded flat and smooth. The client chose a darker brown tone. It masked the residual pet stains completely. The stain color chosen was a more contemporary one, and the clients love it. And we delivered beautiful floors for this couple while saving them the expense and time delay of a complete tear out and reinstall.

Our Client’s Take On The Work

These buyers are thrilled with their floors. The husband (in heavy construction himself) knew what we were up against. He was nothing short of thrilled we fixed the floors and got it done cost effectively and quickly. Another major benefit that sold him was the use of a water based finish that did not bring toxic, even carcinogenic chemicals into the house. The promise of a better, safer, resilient and beautiful floor finish delivered resonated with him. Avoiding exposure to his very pregnant wife with their first child was a huge factor. And completing the job fast also was a deal maker. His was was imminently due at the same time!

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