Look at This Badly Pet Urine Damaged Hardwood Floor We Saved

The Problem

Our client discovered water damage and tore out the contaminated carpet revealing wood floors, but found it to be rife with pet stains, sun fade, and scratches. Although thrilled it was real (red oak) hardwood, they had their fingers crossed hoping it could be saved.

The Challenges

  • The floor was riddled with pet urine stains; replacing the pet urine-stained boards was out of the question (too many)
  • Sun fade damage was present where there once was an area rug
  • Significant scratches were located in prominent areas

Our Solution

This floor was hammered, but there was a chance to save it. We suggested a solution: If they would settle on a darker gray color than their choice on the main living level we could mask the pet urine completely, sand and refinish the floor, and save it –clearly a more cost-effective solution than alternative options. Thankfully there was no urine odor releasing from the floor. If there had been, this option would have been out of the question. As a client that we had worked with on other projects, we had an established rapport with them and they placed their trust in our team.

The Results

The boards sanded beautifully, and are now all flat and smooth. Even the sun fade and scratches were erased. The client chose a darker version of gray tones which coordinated with the overlooking balcony. So the color carried nicely throughout the open concept of their mid century modern home. Thankfully the stain completely eliminated any trace of the visible pet stains. And the secondary objective of blending color was achieved also.

From top to bottom instead of the old ‘oranged’ color which stuck out like a sore thumb, the calming vibe of grays so much more matched with the stone and earthly tones.

Coordinating the previously stained floating stairs and staining the stringers darker (the stair supports), the newly chosen stain color introduced pulled everything together. And from top to bottom the variation of the stains on the different floors and different species woods now was orchestrated as if in concert together. They are now singing true for all to enjoy!

Here’s what our client had to say: We bought our house, and getting ready to move in a contractor really screwed up our hardwood floors. Sparkle swooped in and saved us after I read on their website they fix ‘botched’ hardwood floors. So in a panic I called them. They “crushed it,”  completely fixing all the visible nightmares the contractor left on our floors.

Fast forward, Sparkle was again our first choice when we needed more hardwood floors refinished. They bailed us out again after we tore carpet out and found major pet urine stains underneath (from a previous owner). They saved this floor for us too! Instead of replacing it they suggested we choose a slightly darker stain for downstairs that was similar to the stain we chose for upstairs. The stain we went with covered the pet urine spots completely. And the color synchronized perfectly between both floors. (Our stairs, and both floors are an open concept so the color needed to flow properly.) We love our downstairs now too. Actually, we just love all our hardwood floors 10 times over!

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