Code Red “Stat”- For VCT Floors!

Triage For Deborah’s Emergency Room VCT Floors!

Emergency Room Department is desperate for VCT floor triage, and an urgent call comes in, “how soon can you come?”

Realizing they are in need of professional floor care, Shari, from the Dept of Enviromental Services reaches out. She explains they need a consummate floor team/ They are in need of a steady hand in providing stripping and re-waxing of the emergency room and nearby floors. With little success on their own, they reached out for an outside team to help. And on their wish list is correction work, and an on-going program. And hence, we speak.

Realizing the complexity of their need, we agree to meet them and discuss their project.

Refinishing VCT floors has been in our wheel house for many years. This project request is no different than most. But for except here the work requested is in a live emergency room. And as she spoke she informed me this is for Deborah Heart & Lung, a world renowned hospital and a division of Captiol Health.

Speaking of Capital Health, a buyer for them learns and agrees we have a good solution for them.

(And as a coincidence, we have wood floor client who is a Capitol Health Buildings “buyer.” After sharing about Deborah’s interest in us she was delighted we were given the opportunity. Not under ‘her watch’, but pleased to hear we have what it takes to solve their shortcoming, she encourages us to proceed.)

Our walkthru meeting is set, and we immediately see theirs and their floors’ needs!

As we walk through, we see various needs of ‘help me’ screaming from their floors. Self admitting, Shari informs us they lack any experience in managing a VCT floor maintenance program. And hence, they have decided to reach “outside” for help. We concurred they need help.

Now in many cases we might shy away from a request like this, but the “stars are lined up” on this one. We believe we are the right fit for them. The actual work is not a concern, but manning the project is. And what I mean by the right fit is not whether we can restore the floors, it more has to do with manning the project. And yes, we have a perfect solution for that!

Enter “Team Parker-Greene!”

A Sparkle Surface Care “Hometown Team” lies in the ready to come to Deborah’s aid.  In addition to the amassed equipment our team bases right out of Brown’s Mills.

Long time, experienced floor people, a Mother-Son duo is ready to stop the bleeding!

Coming out of retirement for the cause, our team leader retired as a senior manager of facility care. She was responsible for the facility care at New Lisbon Development Center. (And from stories I have heard, between the compliance requirements for the state, and the loving challenges of the residents, this skill set lends itself beautifully to assist the Deborah need!)

Wasting no time, the floors are scheduled to be refinished – ‘STAT!”

Frankly, at this very moment I am writing this case study our team returns for round two. Because of the action of a live “ER,” we have to work with the medical staff to shut down just a few rooms at a time. So they have, and are currently making about 2-3 rooms and the adjacent hallway idle so we can do our work.

And other special considerations are added to the mix too for their floorcare program!

We are not just delivering a ‘band aid’ fix, we are making good on urgent care that restores life to the floors!

On our ‘load list’ for this project we are relying on a low-voc stripper that is suitable for a hospital application. This category of stripper does not have a strong odor to it. It is appropriate for a delicate enviroment such as a hospital emergency room.

Additionally, we hare working with portable equipment that does not “take over” the subject specimen area. Normally we would utilize a large “set up” of equipment to assist us. This would include long lengths of hose hooked up to a truck mount. Instead, we have a heated portable more suitable for tight areas. Instead it minimizes our interference with on-going operations and care.

Proceeding with round two, the ER team staff make adjustments, but the real challenge will be forthcoming!

It is one thing to have the ER maneuver with a small area shut down so the critical floor care to be conducted. It is another thing entirely to shut down their staff module! A command center, this is the lifeblood of the ER, and will be a dicey one to triage at that.

Rumor has it that there is one Doctor ‘Station’ that is all hands on-deck!

With about 10-12 different computer stations manned by nursing and medical staff, there is one particular location that will be a challenge. It’s Deborah’s own ‘Mash” Doctor dispatch and control center. Constantly attended by the lead Doctor, it remains to be seen how we will swab those floors while politely repositioning he or she for the duration!

Summing it up so far, the relief has begun for the ER floors.

In the balance (once we are done there,) there is more work. So as we make our way through the entire department, Chris sets his sights on developing an on-going program. With the heavy lifting soon to be done, it is another thing to institure an on-going program to keep it consistently looking good.

So here we sit with our sights set on testing a suitable plan to maintain the floors.

Stay tuned (and can’t resist a comparison for,) perhaps we have our very own “Hot Lips” Houlihan! She might just be our hot shot who’ll get attention not with her character, but with her outstanding floor care moving forward!

(ps- there is no sexist connotation here, just a reference to an outstanding team refering to an iconic show that did the greater good. In this case it refers to exceptional floor care!)

Whether it be a floor care ‘stat’ request or just a VCT revival give us a call. Free estimates,  relief is a call away!  Call us at 609.953.0472 or CONTACT US on line.