Client’s Wish of Dreamy Driftwood Hardwood Floors Granted

  • Location Residence in Lumberton NJ

The Wish

Instead of a problem we start with a client wish. In continuation of her retirement promise from her husband, Kim decided as part of that promise she wanted her dining room be part of the overall project. This required that the carpet be torn out and new hardwood installed. Then she wanted it finished to match the rest of the floors also being refinished. These owners had lived with messy hardwood floors for 13 years, and this was the time to do it.

Our Solution

Pretty simple project compared to the rest of the project for this client. Although a color conundrum occurred with her main project, the new wood and stain color confirmed we were on the right path for both the main job, and the dining room.

First we would tear out the existing carpet, inspect the sub floor, and prepare for the new wood to be installed. Then, as usual with installing unfinished hardwood, we would sand the wood. Next the wood would be stained and finished along with the other main part of the project.

The results

Besides one extremely happy camper, and a friend made in the process of our work, things went well. Actually completing this phase of the project was easy-peasy.

But the hardwood floor stain mocked up on this floor helped solidify that there was no mistake in the stain applied to the other floor. Instead, this color was on point, there was no competing wall color that made it appear dark. It was determined that the living room would need to have the walls painted a light color. The blue gray walls influenced the dark gray floor color, and made it look almost black. The simplest fix, new wall color in the living room would fix everything.

Carpet came out easy, and the sub floor was fine. The wood was installed and nestled up nicely to an opposing hardwood floor border. The border was recessed and created a separation from the foyer that gave it some distinction. And when finished it was stunning like the rest of the floors!

Worth noting, here are details about how this client found and chose us

Being a skeptical consumer our client doesn’t just let anyone in her house, let alone give her a bid. As a Princeton cop she’s about seen it all in  dealing with the public. All the years on the beat’ with the publics’ rif raf, she wanted a relaxed and casual contractor experience instead. So when she was referred to us by a very happy client who I think works for the FBI, she eagerly invited us to discuss her floor refinishing project.

A sensitive, intuitive person, she read us like a book. We passed her “interrogation,” and she gave us a shot! And actually, when said and done, she loves her floors, and have become friends. Throughout the project it was fun to hang out. There were a lot of laughs and stories back and forth. (Not a usual customer experience, but one both we and our customer enjoyed.)

But the chill experience and relaxed vibe floated back and forth with Kim and Marvin too. She thoroughly enjoyed him and watched with admiration and appreciation. And they had good conversation and laughs too, in between the loudness of him sanding her floors. She told us how lucky we are to have him and gave him a gracious tip too!


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