Cat Saves Foster Mother’s Life: Wood Floor Restored


This very lucky homeowner owes her life to the foster cat she took in. There but a few weeks, the heater backfired and blew carbon monoxide through the house. Unsuspectingly, the owner lost consciousness. The cat licked her face until she awoke. Then, as the homeowner attempted to get out, she went unconscious again. The cat scratched her legs till she came to, and they escaped. Luckily both survived, and were treated and released the same day. The room became the last reminder of that disasterous day, and the homeowner wanted to put it behind her.


The homeowner had the carpet removed, walls repaired, and other work done. She was delighted to discover the wood floors underneath the carpet, but as you can see in the first image, the floor desperately needed to be restored. The restoration company referred the homeowner to us. At Sparkle Surface Care, we provide free consultations and estimates. The homeowner was pleased with both the competitive estimate and the professional, yet empathetic attitude of Sparkle Surface Care toward her negative experience.


First we rough sanded the floor using a heavy duty sanding machine. Then we went over it with a series of four other sanders to give the floor a perfectly even, finely sanded surface. The final step was to apply two coats of water-based finish to protect the floor and give it the beautiful shine you see in the last image. To the homeowner’s delight, it cleaned up well and took on a whole new look. Now, the homeowner will have an easier time of letting go of the traumatic memories associated with the room. She can get on to life and living.


Since this miracle happened, the cat is no longer a foster. They are inseparable!

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