Screened Hardwood Sunfade

Screen and Top Coat – A Process To Restore Hardwood Floors

When Screen and Top Coat Might Be An Option Perhaps the floors are showing some minor battle scars, but nothing deep or radical.  Maybe the shine is obscured or the finish appears “thin in areas.”  Maybe you need some TLC on a budget or are readying the house to sell and need a little spiffing
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Staples & debris left, finished over
Staples left in hardwood floor
Sanding 7 scraping imperfections
Sanding & scraping imperfection leaves uneven stain appearance on hardwood floor
Swirl marks, Sanding swirl marks, Edger marks on stair tread
Sanding failure-Swirl marks left on every tread in Stratford NJ home

When Hardwood Finishing Goes Wrong

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