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Five Reasons You Should Consider Protective Treatments

Worried about stains or water damage? Want to clean more effectively? See why you might want protective treatments for your carpet and upholstery.... Read More

Treating Oil Stains On Driveways and in Garages

If you have a driveway or garage, the odds are good you have at least once in your life encountered oil stains and discovered that they don’t hose off very well. So, how do you g... Read More

Minimizing The Hazard of Floor Slipperiness

Slips and falls on slippery floors in homes as well as public spaces is a very real, every day hazard, but there are things you can do to minimize the risks.... Read More

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Vacuum Last Longer

Vacuuming helps protect your carpet and improve your air quality, but it needs your help to do its best. Here are five simple ways to keep it in top shape.... Read More

Natural Stone Refinishing Options

Did you know natural stone can be refinished to a brand new or even completely different finish? Natural stone is versatile. Here are some ways to give your existing stone a whole ... Read More

Tips from Care Pros on Selecting Carpeting

Before you shop for new carpeting refer to this informative article about the various types of carpeting so you can make the best choice for your needs. ... Read More

How To Remove Mud Stains On Exterior Stone

One question we're often asked is how to remove mud stains from exterior travertine or other natural stone. Here are some tips for getting mud stains out. ... Read More

Cleaning That Sooty Fireplace

Is your surround, mantle and hearth discolored by stubborn sooty residue that won’t come off with just a quick wipe down? How do you clean that stuff?... Read More

I’m sorry, I think you mythunderstood me

Common marble, granite, and other myths about natural stone problems, cleaning methods, health concerns and more from knowledgeable natural stone care experts.... Read More

Often-Overlooked Cause of Stone Damage

Many people use stone-safe cleaning products but still mysteriously end up with chemical stone damage anyhow. How does this happen? ... Read More

Preventative Care Tips

Here are some easy to follow precautionary tips from the PROS for preventing damage to your natural stone floors and countertops during holiday festivities.... Read More


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