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Shaving Cream As a Spot Cleaner?

Here is a little-known way to spot clean carpets in a pinch, with something you likely already have on hand, that is, foaming shaving cream. ... Read More

Why is my natural stone flaking?

Flaking (also called spalling) in natural stone is generally an indicator of sub-florescence, a condition in which mineral salts are carried into the stone by moisture and accumula... Read More

Think Your Upholstery Is Clean? Try This…

Dirty upholstery doesn't always look dirty. Here's a simple test you can do to determine whether it's time to have your upholstery professionally cleaned.... Read More

Mysterious Odors? They Might Be Coming From Your Grout!

If you have mysterious odors that you can't quite identify the source, it just might be coming from your grout lines. Professional cleaning followed by sealing will resolve this is... Read More

Red wine stain? No problem

Holiday parties and family get togethers inevitably result in spills on your carpet or upholstery. The stain that we all fear the most? Red wine. Here’s our PRO tip for solutions... Read More

5 Essential Care Tips for Maintaining Your Natural Stone Countertops

One of the most common questions we get from our customers about their natural stone is, “Now that I have it, how do I take care of it?” These 5 essential tips will arm you wit... Read More

How To Fix Your Scratched Soapstone

If you have soapstone in your business or home, you may have discovered it is more easily scratched than some other stone types. But did you also know these scratches can be easily... Read More

DIY Stone or Tile Installation? Important Clean Up Tips…

Installing a new stone or tile floor yourself? Here is important information from the pros on the first cleaning that you need to know before you start.... Read More

Five Reasons You Should Consider Protective Treatments

Worried about stains or water damage? Want to clean more effectively? See why you might want protective treatments for your carpet and upholstery.... Read More

Treating Oil Stains On Driveways and in Garages

If you have a driveway or garage, the odds are good you have at least once in your life encountered oil stains and discovered that they don’t hose off very well. So, how do you g... Read More

Minimizing The Hazard of Floor Slipperiness

Slips and falls on slippery floors in homes as well as public spaces is a very real, every day hazard, but there are things you can do to minimize the risks.... Read More

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Vacuum Last Longer

Vacuuming helps protect your carpet and improve your air quality, but it needs your help to do its best. Here are five simple ways to keep it in top shape.... Read More


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