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We make it a point to keep our site rich with information and resources. These tips and articles are posted regularly on our site and on our social media pages.

Pets… and Clean Carpets, Too!

If you have pets, maintaining clean, fresh, and inviting carpets and interior textiles ...

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How To Remove “Water Rings” On Polished Marble

We are frequently asked, "How can I remove water rings on my polished marble?" This art...

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High Alkaline Substances Can Etch Natural Stone

Many natural stone owners are aware that acids like vinegar, lemon, etc. can cause etch...

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Reoccurring Carpet Stains

Have you seen stains disappear with professional cleaning, then reappear once your carp...

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How-To Video: Stone Stain Removal

See Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director of Stone & Tile PROS, demonstrating how to m...

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How to get ready for Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project

It is very exciting that you have decided to get your hardwood floors refinished, and y...

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How Improper Installation Complicates Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that the quality of carpet installation can affect the quality of carpet c...

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After Your Carpet Cleaning Instructions

Warning: Walk With Extreme Care , Wet Carpet & Other Floor Surfaces Are Very Slippe...

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Preparing for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Here is what you need to know to get the best carpet cleaning experience possible.

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Stone Impregnating Sealers in Wet Conditions

Should stone in wet conditions be sealed? In the following article, industry expert, Fr...

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Questions To Ask Before Having Your Hardwood Floors Refinished

Not all wood refinishing companies are the same. Arm yourself with these essential ques...

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Thyme Oil Uses

The Many Uses of Thyme Oil Thyme is a Natural Sanitizer… and So Much More This is...

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