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Give Your Cabin Its Own “DIY Fever”- With Some Help By Your Friends

Make the best use of time during these winter doldrums– Get out the white glove and Inspector Clouseau’s magnifying glass.  I can’t tell you how many times people who are selling their home go flat out to fix all the problems. They knock themselves out replacing, refinishing & cleaning things to get ready for potential buyers.  All along the way they kick themselves saying “why didn’t we do this years ago, for ourselves?” If we had only known how beautiful our home could be, we would have invested in it and been living the life all this time enjoying our home.” We literally hear a statement to this effect every few days, when we do work for a home seller putting his or her house on the market. Don’t end up like them.  Enjoy your home now.

Why not do it for yourselves? We say take the blinders off, tune in and treat yourself to a fresh- clean, organized, refinished floors or things, or updates for your house, make it home again–your happy place!

Could your carpets stand some cleaning? I bet. Don’t use appearance as your gauge. Clean now to maximize the appearance, it will extend carpet life and prolong replacement. It contributes to a calm, peaceful inner sanctum.

Are your wood floors looking tired, scratched, dull, faded or damaged? Face it, floors and their condition are a reflection of ourselves.  Well cared for floors create the back drop for life, is it out of order creating chaos, or is it beautiful and resilient?

Stone, Marble & Granite, take a close look, has the stone looked like the aftermath of party, or suffer from rings, spills and etch marks that won’t wipe off?  Is it plain dull, or have chips & scratches?

Open your eyes, dirty grout is embarrassing, looks unsightly, can be unsanitary, and even stink! Are the areas in the kitchen hammered, or high traffic lanes much different in appearance than less traveled areas?  Some people are so “skeeved,” steaming of tile gives them the peace of mind the surfaces are safe and sanitary for life and living.

Why not do it now, do it for yourself, and do it before life goes outdoors and beyond.  Here’s a little incentive, to help you out.  Our best special of the year,

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Winter is a great time for inside cleaning & refinishing projects. Cleaning now not only restores appearance, it makes your home healthier. Deep steam sanitizes carpet, fabrics & tile, improves air quality in your home. If your hardwood looks dull or are sun faded, you can restore it with refinishing. Refinishing now goes faster during the drier time of year.  If less damaged, you can screen & top coat it to refresh the finish and shine. Our solutions are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, low VOC, water-based, and they are made from whey. They are safe for pets and kids. Call us at Sparkle Surface Care (609) 953-0472 or contact us online for a free estimate to see what we can do for you!