When Carpet Color Hides Soil

tan carpet masking dirt

Some carpet colors hide dirt and soiling better than others-does it mean they aren’t dirty?

It is a fact that some carpet colors do a better job than others at masking dirt and soils. Yes, you can imagine earth tones are a category of colors that do a better job of hiding dirt and soils than others.

Of course whites and other colors don’t do good job of hiding soils.

It is a well known fact that you have to be more careful in taking care of white carpet and “things” (carpet, fabric, upholstery, cars). If wearing white clothing you don’t rub against dirty things. If you have a white car you probably have to wash it more often.

Besides “whites” there are other colors that magnify soil.

You may remember when mauves and teals were the trend right? Well the did a poor job of masking soil. Also, even black and grays will magnify soil.

Look at the tan-brown carpet being cleaned in this photo.

At first glance it doesn’t show the dirt very well. And, if you didn’t know you probably could ignore cleaning it because it is kind of “out of sight, out of mind right? Well, we prove it differently. Earth tones do a really good job of hiding other earth tones, like plain old dirt and sand. It’s easy to ignore it because it isn’t glaring. But, it’s there.

If we sent carpet or fabric to a lab to identify foreign soiling, the list would make you sick!

You wouldn’t sleep on sheets that haven’t been cleaned in 6 months or a year, right? Or, you wouldn’t wear clothes that haven’t been laundered for days or weeks, right?

Yet you will live with dirty carpets and fabrics, walking on them, sweating on them, sitting on them, kids rolling on them, playing on them, drooling on them, spilling food or even potty training on them, cats and dogs living on them,  and even having accidents on them or dragging their butts on them!

Carpets and fabrics both have a place in our daily lives. Fabric more so, on the furniture we sit on, and sheets and bedding we sleep on. And for carpet, still essential as an element in our homes, plain and simple they need to be cleaned!

Think differently, fabrics and carpet stink as we clean them. You may not notice when we are there, but let me tell you, just stick you head in our truck. The waste water tank does not lie or hide it’s dirty secrets- it just plain STINKS!

Note to self- as Emeril oftens says- wish we could have “smell o’ vision” to our web viewing experience, (not)!

Although there has been a trend to remove carpet, both carpet and area rugs do contribute to our decor, beyond the style element. Carpet and area rugs absorb airborne particulate, dirt and germs. They are warmer than hard surface flooring. They are softer and safer for kids and the elderly (from a fall perspective). And, they are cozier and make the room they are in quieter.

Finishing on my “soap box,” bottom line is cleaning carpet and fabrics such as sheets, and upholstery is critical to maintaining a clean, healthy environment! One way to tell,

Do the “Sock” Test- pretty easy test!

The sock, or “sock it to me test” is easy. Just put on clean socks and walk around on your carpets or even tile floors. If they get dirty from those floor surfaces you need cleaning. The dirt transfers from the fiber or floor surface (you can even gently rub your socks on the favorite part of the sofa or chair). If you see dirt on your socks, it’s time to clean!


Do the “sock it to me test”. Call us if you want to schedule some cleaning. Chances are if it’s been a while, it’s probably time. Call 609.953.0472Contact Us on line and we will reach out to you!