Upholstery Hides A Multitude of Sins And Here’s Proof

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Just because you don’t usually see the dirt on upholstery doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I am amazed, and frankly eeek’ed out that people don’t think their upholstery needs periodic cleaning. Sweat, dander, the dog’s butt, the cat’s saliva, kids drool, and maybe even potty training mishaps, let alone spots and spills from food and beverage, and what else God knows become the contaminants that no one ever sees.

Take for instance our dog Tahoe’s favorite perch, the love seat in our front window. She stands watch daily, and loves to snooze on the top so she can watch what goes on, and stand guard to bark and greet people whether it be family, friends, co-workers, and especially the delivery people. But beyond her guard position, she also loves to scratch, or dry her coat by rubbing against the bottom of the loveseat.

If she can do this in the matter of 6 mos or so, what do you think happens to other areas of the sofa where people sit? Areas like the arms of the sofa or chair, the seat where you sit, and the back of the sofa where your back and neck rub against the fabric. Frankly, you wouldn’t sleep on sheets that haven’t been changed in 6 months right?  but why do you go years without cleaning your upholstery?

We recently had a job cleaning a sectional at the shore because the owner had had it. Quietly she arranged to have the sectional cleaned because she couldn’t stand that her son in law, whom she adores, goes out for a run every weekend in the morning. He works up a sweat, then comes back and notoriously plops on the sectional.

Another example (which has been discussed on our site,) is the analogy of a tween or teenager, outside playing basketball with a buddy or two, then come inside and plop on the sofa to play video games. Folks that is yucky sweat that rubs directly on to the fabrics of upholstered pieces, where it stays unsuspectingly.

Eventually you might begin to see it, but more often not. But it’s there for sure, and if left for years and years it begins not only to discolor the fabric, it crusts over (which we see from time to time, and frankly that is disgusting.)

After the frank discussion about dirty upholstery, you probably agree it should be cleaned occasionally. But how often depends on your family dynamic, how you use the upholstery (i.e. do you eat or have beverages while sitting on the upholstery? Do you have a gang of kids, or pets who are on it? Are there accidents say from the pets, incontinence or potty training?)

And while it doesn’t get the same treatment as your bed sheets and clothes, it should get some attention some times. (Perhaps a good rule of thumb is before the holidays, after it cools down.) Not only will it look and smell fresher for the holidays, it will be rid of the dust, dander, hair and oils, and be safer to sit or lay on.

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