Tips For After You Have Had Your Hardwood Floors Refinished. . .

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Useful Tips As You Settle In With Your Beautifully Restored Hardwood

  • Do not reset Any Area Rugs for at least 2 weeks
  • Do not use any cleaners for 2-3 weeks, including water, wipe spill up immediately
  • Water is not a friend of hardwood floors; Use it sparingly, if at all to clean. Better not to. Any time water spills, get it up fast
  • Do not allow dogs over 50 lbs on finished floor for 7 days– the weight of the dog will affect the finish-though dry                    to touch & walk, it cures from the top down. Excessively weighted objects with edges, nails, tires, etc may impede finish.                    Dog’s Nails should be clipped regularly
  • Never use Murphy’s Oil nor wax or acrylic polish based cleaners
  • Do Not Use Steamer Type Mops- hot steam will violate finish & cause milkiness’, that will have to be corrected
  • We recommend a Bona Style Dust Mop, or Vacuuming with a soft bristle attachment
  • We recommend “Squeaky” daily cleaner, a competitor of Bona. We can order you refills (avoid any shine restoring products          made for by, such as BONA, acrylic, carnuba, or anything containing wax- these products may limit interim touch ups,                      forcing us to re-sand down the road)
  • Minimize street shoe traffic, Socks, inside shoes or booties better (at first)
  • Do not wear Hi Heels as a habit, they will dimple & damage floor resulting in the need to sand & refinish (especially softer             woods like pine, maple)
  • Avoid rolling wheels- toys, suitcases, etc (especially with plastic wheels)
  • Get in the Habit of Lifting, not dragging chairs, stools, etc
  • Place protectors under feet of furniture- may need drilled kind or plastic molded kind with better stronger felt tips 
  • If you have Direct Sun that affected your wood, which we corrected, you may want to consider window treatments or window         tinting
  • Use exterior track off mats at entry points, after 30 days place them inside as well. Wipe feet- 6 Lefts & 6 Rights to rid sand, dirt & soils
  • Clean up any water spills, pet urine, plant water or major spills right away
  • If you experience water damage on your wood contact us so we can assist you in avoiding cupping damage (distortion of the wood)
  • Mostly what we use is Poly Whey, a natural based coating system, and water based stains. They don’t have the nasty voc issues.    There is little to no smell.   However, you may notice a mild smell accentuated, especially if you have gas in your home. It may be more concentrated around those appliances.

These tips will serve you well with your newly finished hardwood floors.  And now that that is crossed off the list, on to the next one. Have other hardwood floors you did not refinish, or other flooring in need of cleaning, steaming, polishing or delicate care?  As you put on your Inspector Clouseau glasses you might surprise yourself in finding something else- if so, we are one call away. Also, don’t forget your floors & furnishings if have a shore house. Perhaps family, friends or neighbors are in need of cleaning, polishing or refinishing, From the greater Princeton area, Burlington & Camden County, south, along the Jersey Coast. Call us at Sparkle Surface Care (609) 953-0472 or contact us online for a free estimate!


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