Scent Free/Low Scent Options For Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

Because we recognize that some folks have sensitives to fragrances, we offer 3 options for them to choose from. Just like other allergies and immune suppressed reactions, we find explaining the options gives our customers the chance to get cleaning without getting a headache, or more.

You see, some react to chemical scents, some react to vapors, dust particulate, a combination, and more. Among st the outcome, headaches can be triggered. While rare, our clients suffering from these ailments appreciate the care and concern we express, and they are pleased (even surprised) we give them the chance to select the cleaning agent appropriate to clean, given their health issue.

Our baseline cleaning solution is very environmentally friendly, and does a bang up job with a light scent which does not fill and bombard the room. In fact, we often get feedback it is a subtle fragrance most find totally acceptable. But, for a scant few, it might aggravate and stir things up. (Case in point, Wendy reacts to certain smells i.e. paint fumes, stains, strong smells like vinegar fumes while cooking- so much so, a 24 migraine might be triggered.) We also offer different levels of scent and levels of cleaning given additives being in the solution, vs being omitted from the solutions.

With his in mind, isn’t it appreciated? Of course For this reason we offer 3 limited scent options. We get our chemist & supplier to mix these different options for us to have on hand for when it is in needed. Or, for our regular cleaning line we offer our  a regular environmentally friendly solution. And secondly, for sanitizing and cleaning for water damage situations (and more) we offer an outstanding green based sanitizer, made of the Herb -Thyme!  The scent modified options are as follows:

  • Choice No 1- Clean with Hot Water Only– “Truck Mount” Steam Extraction using hot water only, cleans soiling while killing bacteria and germs if the water temperature is above 140 degrees without the use of any cleaning agents. Some clients insist on this option. And for the record it does a so-so job of flushing out germs, bacteria & dirt, while rinsing and extracting things out.  It does less of a job compared to other options because there is no cleaning agent reacting with the dirt, oils and soils by suspending it (the scrubbing bubble effect as seen on TV). And secondly, it does less of a job with oil based soiling.
  • Choice No 2- Have Us Special Order a Cleaning Solution “Scent Free” Surfactant Along With Hot Water Steam Extraction– This increases the cleaning effectiveness by allowing the cleaning solution to be sprayed as a pre-treatment. This will start the scrubbing bubbles action, if allowed about 10 minutes dwell time it will improve the cleaning results. So better results on dirt & water based soils, but less effective with oil based soiling.  (MSDS Sheet for scent free surfactant- forthcoming.)
  • Choice No 3- Using a Citric Acid Scented Surfactant Along with the Hot Water Steam Extraction– The best of the what we can offer with a low scent option. This stuff really just has an subtle orangy scent. But cleaning wise it gives the best soil release option, with an ingredient to attack oil based spots, and used in combination with the hot water extraction it yields the best chance to clean dirty carpet without overcoming the dwelling with strong odors. (MSDS Sheet for citric acid surfactant-forthcoming.)

Should we learn of a clients’ need, we would explain the above mentioned options, and let the client decide which one works for them. Or, after explaining those options if they think the regular cleaning, or cleaning with the sanitizer might be ok, we would again explain the benefits of these cleaning solutions. They are as follows:

  • Choice No 4- Our regular cleaning agent, ___________________-This is an amazing cleaner, that is lightly fragranced, includes the surfactant and citric acid, along with other medicinal and environmentally friendly ingredients. It absolutely out-cleans the old detergent formulas we used to rely upon, and many folks tolerate it just fine. (MSDS Sheet for our regular cleaner-forthcoming.)

Or, perhaps more sanitizing is in order. If be the case, we have an oustanding solution:

  • Choice No 4- Our regular cleaning agent with Thymol additive, an environmentally based sanitizing agent used in water damage restoration and for other deeper sanitizing needs.  (see white paper, Thymol.) This product is a natural alternative to the chemical, Micro-Ban, a dupont registered sanitizer (see technical bulletin and msds-forthcoming.)

With these options, we believe there is safe cleaning for everyone! Just hot water, no scent, citric scent, mild scent, or herbal scented- we think we have all options covered!  If this is of concern to you, please notify us, and together hopefully we can make a good decision for you.