In Winter Remove Snow, Salt & Wet Boots & Shoes To Protect Your Hardwood and Carpet

Keep Winter’s Snow and Salt Off Your Hardwood, Even Carpet Too

Melting snow can leave puddles on your hardwood floors, and water can damage the finish. Make sure to promptly clean up any snow and leftover moisture with a microfiber cloth or mop.  If you have carpet, it is obvious that removing shoes or boots with all the wet snow & dirt before you step on to the carpet will keep it cleaner.

Salt particles are rugged and when dragged across the floor, they can damage the finish. Taking off your shoes at any entryway, or at least kicking the snow and salt off of your shoes before you enter, is a good way to prevent these particles from being dragged in from outside.

Any shoes taken off at entryways should be placed on top of mats, rugs, or in bins to prevent any snow from melting on to the floor.  Another suggestion might be to place a good absorbing floor mat, like ones LL Bean sells.

Keep Outside Shoes For The Outside, Make It Your Purpose to Wear Inside Shoes Inside

Some folks prefer to remove their street shoes when entering, and wear an inside shoe, sock or slipper about the house. Some even go as far as asking guests to remove their shoes, and offer them a basket of shoes to slip on see post. This is especially the case in Asian Cultures, where it is considered offensive for guests visiting a home to wear outside shoes in the home they are visiting.

Store Everyday Shoes, Sneakers & Boots in the Garage, Storage Area or Mud Room

A somewhat common practice that might be a suggestion, is to install a wall shoe rack in the garage, near the back entrance or laundry area, or in the mud room.  This is a good place to store daily shoes like work shoes or boots, sneakers, sandals, clogs, etc. In colder climates mud rooms are common, and serve a very useful purpose. And in newer homes, mud rooms or storage rooms are designed and incorporated either off the formal entryway, or near the home’s utility area where shoes, boots, jackets are stored. These rooms have convenient bins, benches, hooks, even cubbies that are used to keep school bags, athletic equipment and other items taken out and used daily. It’s certainly not a bad idea to keep things organized, and keep the dirt from outside from coming in.

Have damaged wood floors or carpet from snow, snow melt or water, even damage from pet urine?  We provide free consultations and estimates for hardwood floor problems. Maybe not water damage, but dents, scrapes, scratches, we can look and give you solutions for the damages you have. Some options may be to replace the boards, or maybe we need to sand them and refinish them. We’ll tell  you what options you have. Whether your floors are in Medford, Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Princeton, or down the shore on Long Beach Island, Ocean City let us advise and help you solve your hardwood floor dilemma. Make them beautiful, brilliant and shine once again. Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.