Fellswood Wood Restoration

Instructions, Tips and Suggestions To Help You Get Ready and the Project Off to a Good Start

It is very exciting that you have decided to get your hardwood floors refinished, and you have made a great choice in working with our company to get them re-done.

As probably discussed with you, we use a variety of dustless sanders and machines, most all of which are either connected to a vacuum dust collection system, have one built in, or have very little dust created when used.  Of course, this is a dustless re-finishing process, however, we are sanding floors and there may be a minute bit of dust to clean up after we are done.

Here are some good tips and suggestions on how to prepare:
  • Each area that is part of the refinishing project must be clear of all furniture and contents. Together we should determine the best location to store it while we do our work—perhaps an adjacent room, the garage, basement, deck, etc. If you don’t have a practical place for storage you may need to rent a pod. This is very useful when you have limited storage
  • While we are pretty good at moving things in and out, some times it is best if you hire professional movers. We do have a couple of recommendations for you- (we do this all the time, but unusally heavy, awkward items, delicate, large items, lots of glass, etc, we may be more comfortable if you have a professional team take care of the move.) Ask us for recommendations we have a few referrals for folks who do that
  • We will arrive with our trailer, so we need a good location for it. Perhaps it best to park in the driveway, or on the street in front of your house. Usually we discuss this ahead of our arrival, so there is no inconvenient surprise the day we arrive (most folks don’t mind giving us a parking spot in the driveway, so this is best worked out ahead of time.) We need access to the trailer, and an area where we can stage our tools: the garage, a porch, deck, the driveway; sometimes we need to set up our saws (if we are doing trim work of any kind.) This is good to work out prior to our arrival.
  • Also, if the trailer must stay on the street you might need to check with your township. Some don’t permit overnight parking, or perhaps we may need to get a permit ahead of time. And other towns appreciate that township officials be notified as to the parking (local police or buildings and grounds officials.)
  • Keys and access need to be worked out; Often more than not we work while you are at work, or away, so we need keys and codes when appropriate. In some cases a garage code is all that is necessary, in others we need a key, and in some instances we are even given a special code unique to us (for a specified period of time, if you have that kind of lock system.) Anyway, if you are having a key made, make sure it works.
  • For your comfort and security, it is our policy to store your key safely in our trailer (which is locked) in your file. The key is secured while we are away from the job, and not in any staff’s hands unless we are on location working
  • If we haven’t already determined, please notify us whether you have 220 electric live in your home. If not, we may need to bring a generator, or have a special electrical box that will run our heavy sanding equipment- our drum sander, “The Hummel,” and our “Trio”- the absolute best “fine sanding” machine on the market today!
  • If we are doing any tear out, you will need to contact your township regarding bulk trash collection. You can expect any carpet to be cut in 4-5’ long rolls, wrapped in duct tape. Some towns, neighborhoods and developments permit the goods to be placed at the curb for collection by the township, some strictly prohibit it. If removal from the premises by our crew is necessary, it will become part of the estimate. We are happy to do so, however there is a disposal fee.
  • If trim removal is involved, we will number and remove your quarter round so it will go back down as intended (appropriate fees will be itemized as part of your project.) Some breakage is possible (and replacement will become part of your project, and itemized.)  As part of the project, some folks choose to replace or upgrade their trim, which will itemized. This is an ideal time for trim upgrades, so lets make sure it becomes part of the project.
  • Regularly, transitions, stair trim and HVAC Vent materials must be modified or upgraded, so discussion of such will take place and become part of the project, AND itemized as an extra line item in the contract. At times transitions cannot be priced out until other contracting and wall modification is completed- so pricing may be delayed until it is “field determined.” Should this be the case we will advise you of the pricing when everything is finalized
  • FYI- interior doors to closets and rooms will be removed, and reset accordingly
  • Empty out all china cabinets, curios, and other furniture of items that are breakable, fragile, family heirlooms, or valuables
  • Dis-connect all television, computer and entertainment wires, cables, video systems, network configurations, etc. prior to the work start; if you are not able to do this you may need to hire a professional or ask someone to assist you ahead of our arrival (we are not computer, video or entertainment specialists, and are not responsible to working with any such wiring as such.)
  • If you have a piano you may need to hire a piano mover to assist you in removing it from the work area; we do not want to risk damage in moving it, nor do we want to knock it out of tune
  • If you have other delicate pieces of furniture such as a grandfather clock, please have it moved; we do not want to chance breakage of the inner working components such as the chime system
  • Please point out any pieces of décor or furniture that is already damaged or is very fragile while handling it
  • Please bring to our attention anything previously damaged items which we are going to handle; we will be documenting and taking pictures prior to our handling them, so it is clear that we did not damage the items during our handling
  • Empty out or remove some drawers if dressers and cabinetry are heavy
  • Remove or have removed mirrors on dresser ensembles ahead of our arrival
  • Refrigerators or freezers housing contents which makes moving them difficult should be emptied or nearly emptied. Please re-locate contents to another fridge/freezer
  • If a refrigerator will be moved but left plugged in, the ice maker line will most likely be dis-connected
  • If you have a gas stove which needs to be moved, you will need a licensed plumber to assist you. We will not dis-connect or re-connect the gas line under any circumstances
  • You may find this an ideal time to remove draperies, shears, window treatments, blinds, etc from the work area, and send them out for cleaning, or launder them yourself. If left we will cover them in plastic, but we will not be held responsible should we cause wrinkling.
  • If you leave wall décor, we prefer that it be removed. Our machines vibrate, and to be safe we like things removed. We will take pictures of the placement of them, and work to reset them where they came from. You may also wish to remove them yourselves, and again take advantage of dusting or cleaning them prior to replacing them back where they belong
  • As part of the final details, we may need some touch up paint. Usually we remove the quarter round so we can get up next to the baseboards with our sanders, and sometimes we “touch” existing trim, walls, etc. If we did not ask, it might be good to locate any extra trim or wall paint to have on hand for touch ups, which we will do. If you have faux painting or other delicate wall treatments, while we work carefully, you may need to hire your painter for minor touch ups.  This is very rare, but in some cases, necessary as a back up
  • During the job we will be cleaning up as we go, particularly vacuuming trim, ledges, baseboards, etc. Again, there may be a modest amount of dust. We do a good job within our workspace.  It might be good timing to hire a house cleaner for a little spring cleaning.
  • As we “hand your house back over to you” we want to make sure you have our instructions on what to do now that your floors have been refinished. Please refer to the list of Do’s, Don’ts and Suggestions to further safeguard and protect the freshly coated -vulnerable floors. The full cure is 30 Days, and although you can lightly walk on them, they can be damaged if you are not careful. (please ask for post finish instructions if we have not already given them to you!)
  • Now that we are done, please be careful with your movements on the floors (socks, indoor shoes, no high heels!) Be careful with your pets and watch what your children do on the newly finished floors. Also, be careful with your replacement of décor, and avoid use of any liquids on the floor for 30 days! Then, there are common sense suggestions to protect and preserve your beautiful floors, on-going, to assure that they look their best for years to come!  Enjoy!!!


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