Not the way you think.  Bleach causes dye loss. Dye loss is a condition where the surface of the fiber or fabric has been stripped of dye.  An easy way to explain it, if you drop bleach on blue jeans you know what happens- right?  Ok, now throw the jeans in the wash and wash them.  Will it put the blue back in?  NO, of course not. The same thing applies to bleach stains on carpet.  I can clean them but the stain will remain.  The way to correct this problem is to cut it out.  In many cases an installer can re-section the area, either using a small cookie cutter type tool, or a larger area as need be.  The trick is to have extra carpet to use.  If you don’t have an extra piece, sometimes they will take a piece of “donor” carpet from a closet and swap it out.  That way you don’t see it, and the repair is fixed.  If that is the solution you may decide to swap a piece of laminate in the closet, so it is uniform in appearance.