Travertine and Grout Steaming Fixes Dirty Grimey Floor

Hammonton Homeowner’s Travertine and Dirty Grout Cleans Beautifully

The Annoyance

Discriminating homeowners love travertine floors in their homes, often enjoying its luxury in their kitchens and busy first floor areas. It is an elegant statement which performs well with high use and exposure. Travertine and grout can take a beating from life and everyday family living. Exposure to wet weather, muddy shoes, boots or paws, adding perhaps oils and messes from cooking, even residues from cleaning- you get the picture, travertine and tile can only take so much.

Travertine has open voids and veins, inherent in the stone, and part of the beauty folks are attracted to. But as those voids and veins become exposed they can easily absorb dirt and slop that obscures its beauty. Then combine that with dirty, soiled grout, it can look very dirty and dinghy. Why, because it is. Just one glance along an edge, away from the highest traffic and use areas is all you need to see for yourself, the clean travertine and grout can get disgustingly dirty! If this is your situation, it may drive you nuts.

Years ago, and still done to this day, I get frustrated phone calls from clients fed up with being on their hands and knees, bucket of boiling water  by their side with comet and a toothbrush scrubbing away. Or, some with their steam mops, overwhelmed with miles of tile to clean with their little tiny mop.  Mere attempts to clean which don’t get the results they want.

Is this you?

Our Recommended Prescription

Tile and Grout cleaning with our steam cleaning process is the perfect answer for heavily soiled, discolored grout. When combined with an effective cleaning solution, the results are often very dramatic. We have two solutions we rely on, that do most of the work for us. Occasionally we need to mechanically scrub it as well, but that is an exception usually.

The Results- Homeowner Instantly Feels Liberated and Love Their Floors All Over Again

In the right circumstance, one pass with our steam wand, a Frisbee like wand head which creates a suctioned to-steam chamber blasts the tile and grout with drop dead results. As the wand passes the suction and vacuum recovery rinses and extracts the dirty water, grease and grime that releases from the grout. The results, clean grout that brightens as it dries while liberating the homeowner from the embarrassing drudge and scudge’ we were called upon to remove.

This particular homeowner was stunned at the cleaning. And, we became heroes. Just when she was convinced the floor was a hopeless mess and begrudgingly began looking at new flooring, we solved her problem for a lot less money.


Dirty situation, pretty simple to solve. Usually the biggest challenge relies in the procrastination of the customer. Once “there”, the quick call and appointment does the trick. But along with the cleaning, some clients ask for the tile to be sealed so they have an easier time cleaning up as they move forward. The seal can help, and is encouraged, but it is similar to wax on a car. It does protect, but breaks down with use and over time.

Do you have tile and grout that gets dirty?  Suffer no more. Call us at Sparkle Surface Care (609) 953-0472 or contact us online for a free estimate to see what we can do for you!




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