Termite Damage On Hardwood Floor Quickly Repaired For Medford Homeowner

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Homeowner discovers termite damage on one board in her closet

A retired homeowner picked up an area rug and discovered termite damage on her Tung & Groove hardwood floor underneath.  She caught it after they only damaged one board. Not in a prominent area, she wanted just the board replaced and refinished to blend to look like the other boards. Not always something we can offer we agreed to try given it’s a closet. So, if it looked a little different color wise or finish wise, it was ok for her.

The problem

For this kind of repair we can’t always just do the board repair. Sometimes, actually often we have to expand the work area so everything blends in. That means a larger area addressed, and more expense than typically the homeowner is prepared to do. Easily the board could like a bit different when we were done. Our client agreed and said let’s do it.

We brought a “donor” board and our hardwood floor tech began to remove the termite damaged board

The termite damaged board was removed and the under surface was inspected for damage. There was none, the joists were sound and we could limit it to replace just the damaged board.

The Solution

Without revealing the tricks of the trade, our hardwood floor technician worked his magic to match the color and the sheen of the board. When he was done you couldn’t tell which board was replaced. Our tech was excited he got it to blend in so well. Our client was blown away with the outcome. All smiles, a mere hour and a half later it was fixed. And shortly thereafter we were paid, and our tech received a generous tip!

Board repair is tricky, but this time it came out beautifully! Call us to discuss your hardwood floor project, whether it be a repair or a refinish. We will always give you a Free Estimate. Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.