Steaming Solution For Saltillo Tile

Dirty & clean saltillo tile and grout You can see the grout is much cleaner in the upper area, and will be much brighter when it dries

What is Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo tile, a.k.a. is also known as Mexian Tile. It is a clay tile made from clay from Saltillo Mexico. The clay is sourced from  desert sands. It is handmade and kiln-fired, giving it a unique and rustic appearance. The clay is mixed with water, formed into tiles. Then they are left to dry in the sun before being fired in a kiln.

Saltillo is easy to recognize because of its earth tones of reds, oranges and yellows. Also when the tiles are formed they can be somewhat flat. Or they may be concave, or have rounded, rolled edges. Typically, saltillo tile usually has very large grout joints. (A grout joint is the grout that is troweled in between each tile.)

Because of its large profile and rounded nature it can be a hard floor to clean.

With the roundness and wide grout joints it can be difficult to keep clean. In fact, one recent client who we cleaned for told us that she had her saltillo sealed with over 10 coats of sealer. And despite that, it is still gets dirty pretty fast. She finally accepted the fact and threw in the towel because it constantly gets dirty!

Until now, despite efforts with sealers, they felt stuck with their choice.

To discuss the plight of our recent client even further, she went on to share she is completely frustrated with her saltillo. But, they will not be tearing it out.

She informed me that she has radiant heat under the tile, and with the expense of that heating system they will not remove it that just because of the appearance of her tile. The money invested is substantial, so they will be living with the dirty tile, or so they thought.

Originally being referred to us at her shore house, when she read about our tile steaming she started to think there might be hope for her tile.

A Cape May neighbor referred us to her. Whether Cape May or Moorestown, we have cleaned for her for over 20 yrs. And, we have done ever service we offer for her. So this neighbor was looking for some upholstery and area rug cleaning. She further explained to the neighbor that we make it real easy for her. She gives us the code, lets us in when they aren’t there, and leaves a check. Easy-peasey!

So fast forward, the neighbor schedules us.

Off we went to Cape May to clean her upholstery, area rug, and to look at a hardwood floor. Giving us the code, we went in, did our thing, and she gave us a credit card to pay over the phone. But before we left our guys left an information packet for them. The kit has “care tips” for all the surfaces we work with, carpet, tile, upholstery, stone, wood, and more.

Looking over the tile and grout care tips, it caught her eye. She learned that tile steaming is a great way to clean tile. With some hope, our client called to ask would we go to Bucks County.

And after asking she tells me about her saltillo and starts to explain the unsuccessful journey they have had with it. She explained they had numerous coats of sealer applied. Thinking it would make the stains easier to get up, it didn’t help. So while I listened, I told her we had no magic potion to offer either (as in a sealer). Instead, I did suggest that she schedule steam cleaning on a periodic basis. The cleaning will help, and become her ‘go-to’ when she gets frustrated with her floors.

She booked an appointment with us right away.

So we jumped over the bridge and headed her way. We got right to it, and cleaned up the tile and grout. She was indeed pleased. And after seeing the process clean right before her eyes she agreed this would help.

Our steam cleaning saltillo tile takes the stress out of maintaining it!

To reiterate, the cleaning is quite compelling. You see the difference immediately. I explain to people that steaming the tile was as dramatic in an immediate and positive way as is dropping bleach on blue jeans is. It is immediate as well, but not in a positive way, unless you are tye-ding them.

We consider it liberating our clients like liberating Cindarella from the “wiked step mother syndrome”!

It’s true, I often hear stories  (even one just yesterday), of clients using bleach and a tooth brush to clean the grout.

In fact, the story from yesterday is one I heard again about a client. This client is a family law attorney, a mom and wife with a well appointed and manicured home. She is a neat nick kinda gal, maybe even having a little OCD.

So yesterday I was informed by Jeff, one of our staff and a consumate cleaner, that our client friend spends free time on weekends cleaning, and yes using a toothbrush and comet to clean her grout. Now in my mind I have the cindarella thing I am thinking of. But I also feel that she has better things to do than to clean her grout with a tooth brush. I know how hard she works, 12 hour days everyday.  And the thought of the value of her time being sucked up by getting on her hands and knees cleaning her grout stymies me.

I would think that liberating her time by writing a modest check to us would be priceless for her! Stay tuned, we see her soon!

To sum it up, our steam cleaning with 1500 psi, temperatures at nearly boiling, and strong suction to recover the dirty water, beats comet and a tooth brush!

And it beats about anything else too! It also outcleans the unit you got on line, or at a local store! The power, convenience and speed that gets results will out shine what you can do yourself! And our client in Jenkintown agrees! If a clean environment is a must, and knowing time is money you get the best of both worlds when working with us!

What might take you hours to do takes us a smitten of time. Clean tile & grout is one short call away. Free estimates. Ask for me, Wendy! Call 609.953.0472. Or Contact Us online and we’ll reach out!