Steaming Makes Medford’s Indoor Play Gym Rubber Floor Look Like New

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Year Old Rubber Play Gym Floor Needs Some Deep Cleaning

After being open a year, this indoor play gym rubber floor was starting to look dinghy and not quite as bright and colorful as the rest of the gym with all its cool fun houses, play things, mazes. And when touring the facility we learned their guests must remove their shoes and belongings before entering the play center. So outside foot traffic on the gym floor is not a major factor in contributing to the soiled appearance.

At a closer look, it could be a combination of the pitter patter of bare feet and tumbling fun, and perhaps residues from cleaners and mop water. None the less, the gym play mat needed some help.

Not as bright and cheery as when they first opened, this floor did not look any better when it was mopped. And consulting with the folks who installed the floor they were using the right products. Despite regular cleaning and mopping the bright rubber floor matt remained dinghy. And as they say, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, well this owner should I say was ready to throw in the towel (or in this case, maybe the mop)!

Not Quite Sure Who To Call Or What To Have Done The Owner Went On Line To Research

Seems like we had impressed her with the all the different methods of cleaning and equipment we offer, and our experience in commercial floor care, and that we are local (in fact right down the street.) Her hunch was correct. She called and we set an appointment to meet at the facility.

Our Walk Thru Proved Productive, But The Cleaning Demo Sealed the Deal

This is a perfect example of a hybrid cleaning project that needed a hybrid skill set to address it successfully. And not knowing it, she had called the right people! When touring the facility we sensed that scrubbing and steaming would do the trick. But before we accepted the job we wanted to assure the owner that we would deliver the results she wanted, so we suggested that we do a demo.

We arrived with our truck mount steam cleaner, and applied a solution appropriate for the task at hand. Then after allowing it to dwell, or soak in for a bit we rinsed it with our hard surface steam cleaning wand. This process elevates the temperature of the cleaning and rinsing to as near boiling as possible. It exits the wand at a 400-100 psi (a high volume as the hot water exits the wand, similar to a pressure washer, as opposed to a garden hose). Then the power of the truck mount recovers the cleaning solution and rinses the floor at a high vacuum recovery rate.

Right before the owner’s eyes she saw the demo area perk right up, look fresh and clean like it was brand new! She was sold and asked how soon could we do it.

Before We Went To Work Organized and Manned a Team To Do The Cleaning

Now seeing the cleaning would produce the results we wanted to make sure we did it quickly and efficiently. It was important that we do the cleaning and controlling the rinse water. We had one technician do the pre-spray, another on the steam mop, and a third person following with a final mop to feather the water and recover any excess puddling. This third person also managed the air movers which helped with the drying (in fact, the trick was to minimize any excess water from migrating through the edges of the interlocking matt tiles to underneath where it would become trapped and cause a mustiness). Working and watching carefully we executed this with precision for a successful and desired outcome!

The Indoor Play Gym Floor Is All Bright and Cherry Once More— Clean and Sanitized, and the Perfect Spot For Play, Learning, Tumbling, Exercise and Parties Once More

Now looking back, and looking forward, it is probably recommended that this deep steam clean process be scheduled to be done, perhaps every 6-8 months. Based on the past year they were open, which included a brief recess for the pandemic “lockdown”, the floor started to show soil probably after the play center was open for about 8 months. So our recommendation is to get on a regular schedule of about 6-8 months. And this advice was well received by this business owner. For her it is imperative that she provide a fun, safe, sanitized and healthy environment for the little ones who are her patrons, and their family. Peace of mind is everything to this owner.

PS- after talking to hear and learning about her business model we are impressed with her passion and facility. Then after hearing how they manage their guests and foot traffic, their attention to cleaning, disinfecting, soil management, they do everything they can to make it a clean, safe and fun facility for the children and their families. Check them out join the many happy little ones like our very own granddaughter. In these days and crazy times you can never bee too careful!

Have a gym, play center or activity center with unique flooring needs let us help you devise and periodic cleaning program that will enhance your daily cleaning routine. Some times the deep cleaning equipment is the perfect fit to assure a safe and consistently clean enviroment.  Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.