Mt Laurel VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) Floor Gets A Clean Up

A Quick Clean Up For This Busy Manufacturing Facility

Businesses usually have a cleaning person or team, but when it comes to hard surface floor care, many people who clean are not trained or equipped to strip and re-wax it. In example, but not at this facility, some cleaners know enough to apply a coat of wax, and do so repeatedly, in some cases for years.

To be specific, the main flooring type in need of this care is VCT, or Vinyl Commercial Tile. Another common floor typed found in businesses is Terrazzo, which also can be maintained with a stripping and waxing program.

Not at This Facility, But Not Uncommon, We discovered A Gross Misuse of Wax—It Happens

However, recently we were asked to provide a cleaning proposal for a municipality who has a combination of flooring to include marble, ceramic and stone. When touring the facility we discovered they have been waxing these floors, and probably done so for years (talk about a restoration process, these floors are not supposed to be waxed, and who knows how many times it will have to be stripped if they approve the program.)

So while this facility had basic floor refinishing needs, they outsourced the work and we had been invited to bring a floor team in to whip the floors in to shape and make them look good again.

A Slightly Different Spin on Floor Care, Our Floor Crew Is All Business

Our team, capably led by Chris, the owner doesn’t waste time when he leads a floor refinishing project. He brings the best equipment, a rinsing technique the average crew doesn’t have access to, and a team who could execute this work in their sleep.

So when you have effective stripping agents to cut through the wax easily you will get better results. And when you rinse the floors with a hard surface extraction process you get a cleaner “canvas” to build upon. And more so, when you invest in a superior wax formula you will get a better end result, and exactly what we do when we provide this service.

The Break Room and Bathrooms Are Cleaned Up Nicely

The tables and chairs in the break room are removed. The stripping solution is put down, and scrubbed with a floor scrubber, or swing machine. Meanwhile the ceramic bathroom floors and walls are steamed and pressure washed.  Next the stripped out floors are truck mount steam rinsed, leaving the raw floor much cleaner than a mop, bucket or shop vac would do.

Finally, with the wet work done, at least 3 coats of a superior wax formula was applied. The dirt was removed, and a shine was restored to the floor. Another floor restored with a brilliance and beauty once again.

Words of Advice When Contemplating Floor Refinishing

What are the goals in refinishing floors- a thorough, beautiful resilient floor that will withstand soil, spillage and traffic for a optimal time before recoating or re-stripping, or is the goal just to give it a once over? It is the stripping and rinsing that is key to a successful outcome to restoring VCT floors. Investing in a superior job will pay off for managers or business owners.  Let’s face it, clean floors, halls bathroom is a reflection on the business and the brand. It contributes to a positive atmosphere that makes people want to be there. The condition and appearance makes an impression on every customer, employee, client, potential client or guest who comes thru the door.

If you have VCT (vinyl commercial tile) and are in need of having them stripped and rewaxed we are eager able to help you. From a small job (a one room or even a bathroom) to a larger project (30,000 – 50,000 sq ft or more) we can confidently and capably help you.  For a free estimate Call us at 609.953.0472.