Shamong Homeowner Loves Her Dark Hardwood Kitchen Floor

The Challenge

This gal decided the time was right to treat herself to a little updating in her kitchen. It was the right time since her friends, the neighbors next door, and their equally friendly German Shepard moved.  You see, everyday the Shepard would come visit Laura and her dogs, entering thru the front door, running toward the back, and putting the brakes on, on her oak hardwood floor. This she did, like sliding into the end zone, to stop before she slid through the sliding door off the kitchen. So friendly this daily visit, Laura and her dogs simply enjoyed the ritual, as did her visitor. However, if the floor could talk, I am not sure it (wood)agree! LOL

It was clear the oak floor had significant scratches and damage from the dog’s nails.  Also, with the back sliding door getting morning sun, the sun fade was significant. Another problem was the dullness, the finish had faded from all the foot and paw traffic, as a result of the sand from the back yard.  These were the motivating factors. But truly, in keeping with the current style and trend, Laura wanted a fresh look for her lighter golden oak floor.  She had just had her cabinets redone, with a light antiqued look, and wanted a darker finish on the floor to make the room “pop.” Then she planned on some fresh paint and new decor. It was her own DIY project she looked forward to treat herself to.

Laura contacted us at Sparkle, and asked us for a free hardwood floor refinishing estimate.  From her description and goals, it was clear the floor had to be sanded to get rid of the scratches, then re-stained with a darker stain, and refinished. She liked what she heard and read about our water based system,  and found our estimate to be competitive. A point to make about water based, the one we use, is that it is a sturdy finish which goes on like glass, and is used in restaurants, bars & gyms. Actually, it is what was put down on the floors at the US Constitution Center in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention this previous August. It continues to do marvelously well, even with 2300 visitors walking on it a day, every day.

Finally, Laura, having grown up in the Medford Community of Lake Pine with me, and our respective families, she was comforted in choosing us to work with her, and trusted us. Frankly, for single female homeowners, the element of trust when dealing with home contracting services is significant, and one we are happy to provide.


After our hardwood inspection we determined that the project would be straightforward and would run smoothly. It would also go quickly, so the intrusion and inconvenience would be minimal. Laura’s biggest concern, besides isolating her pups, would be the noise. She works from home, so we had to be mindful of that. We assured her the noise would be an issue for about a half a day, which was totally acceptable to her.

Once we got the kitchen table, hutch and refrigerator out we saw significant sun fade. Then we set about prepping the room, covering the cabinets with plastic, isolating the work area with plastic, and removing the trim (quarter round), and taping the baseboards.

The sanding went like clock work. We predicted it would go quickly, and it did. Then, because of it being winter, a drier time of year, we said the staining and curing time would also go quickly, which it did. As the transition began, we brought the floor back to a uniform look. Next, we anticipated the dramatic change, the staining process. Laura chose the stain royal mahogany. Royal mahogany had deep rich tones and would accentuate the grain of the oak, and boy did it! Now with the hard work behind us, we sealed the floor, and applied the water based finish made by Vermont Coatings. Two coats were applied and we called it a rap, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday! No party there, but clearly a very happy fan of Team Sparkle!

Do you live in Shamong, Tabernacle, Indian Mills, Southampton, Medford, Medford Lakes or the Pine Barrens, and have dull worn looking hardwood floors? Residents living here in South Jersey towns, well, face it, we live in a sand box. The sandy soil hammers hardwood floors. Add to it kids, pets, foot traffic and life, maintaining beautiful resilient hardwoods requires diligence and care. If your hardwood looks dull or are sun faded, you can restore it with refinishing.  If less damaged, you can screen & top coat it to refresh the finish and shine. Our solutions are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, low VOC, water-based, and they are made from whey. They are safe for pets and kids. Call us at Sparkle Surface Care (609) 953-0472 or contact us online for a free estimate to see what we can do for you!