Rubber Dub Done

Rubber studded floor responds wonderfully to steam cleaning!

The leasing agent is all in and instantly approves having us clean it!

“Main Street Apartments in Marlton”

While cleaning the common hallways Chris noticed the emergency stairwell flooring was dirty. It is rubber studded flooring, which was much dirtier than the common hallway carpet. So going from the nice hallway carpet to the dirty stairway flooring was quite a transition. Of course it’s only the back stairwell but the dirt and oils collected there get walked in to the carpet. They get tracked in from the stairwell to the carpet with foot traffic. And much of it is the oils from the parking lot, which poses a problem to the carpet.

So the issue or condition of soiling is called “asphalt track off.” It is a real problem for carpet, and for commercial buildings having to deal with it. (This asphalt track off can ugly out a carpet installation in no time! It can necessitate unwanted premature carpet replacement that hits the budget prematurely. And from a commercial use perspective this is an unwanted hit to the pocketbook that could be prevended.

Seeing this soiling build up on the rubber studded floor, Chris decided to experiment.

He taped off an area at the bottom of the stairwell and steam cleaned half of it.

Steaming it, it immediately responded and looked brand new again. He even video taped doing it, and piped up “OH YEA” as he did.

dirty rubber floor stair tread, clean rubber floor landing in apartment complex
The rubber tread is really dirty compared to the landing once we did the demo

Liking the test results but not wanting to leave the test patch for everyone to see he cleaned the entire landing. He did so, so it didn’t leave an obvious and unwelcome eye sore on the landing. However, when you compare it to the dirty stair tread and riser, the difference was night and day.

Rubber studded flooring till now is traditionally a challenge to clean for any building owner.

Reason being, its uneven rubber surface with highs and lows (as a safety feature) doesn’t clean well with a mop, or even a floor scrubber. Using a scrubber, it makes decent contact with the higher studded material, but faintly addresses the lower flat base of the studded surface.

Not our first rodeo in cleaning floors, we have been cleaning commercial buildings since 1983. And after many years just doing commercial, we diversified and invested in state of the art cleaning equipment for both commercial and residential purposes.

In fact, we have created a unique niche, combining our truck mount steam extraction with a variety of steam wands and accessories. In addition to over $10K in carpet wands alone, we also have in our inventory highly specialized scrubbing and grinding machines. Beyond a basic carpet or tile application these are machines and attachments used in grinding stone and other applications. And if you don’t dabble in those services you wouldn’t invest the big bucks in them.

So we bring to the table with our steam extraction a unique combination of to get results most cannot duplicate.

To expand on this, what do we mean by that?

Well to start with we have invested over $100,000 in high tech-high performance equipment like this: First is the truck mount set up. Alone it is well north of $75 or $80K. Depicted below is the van set up with the truck mount cleaning plant, a steam wand, and one specialized scrub wand (a mere sampling of our inventory.)


Sparkle surface care truck mount specialized cleaning
Here is what we mean by specialized equipment and systems to steam clean multiple surfaces
steam clean rubber studded floor
The dirt & oils is no match for the steam, cleaning solution and strong suction
power scrubbing tile floor
Here is one of the power scrubbing used with our steam technology to annihilate the dirt & greasy film on this restaurant floor

Janitorial crews just don’t have this combination of equipment, it’s  just not their industry, nor their forte’!

Let me explain. Commercial janitorial are labor equipped with light duty equipment on board to help them do their work. Yes they probably have buffers that scrub and floor / carpet extractors, along with smaller incidental tools. BUT, they don’t have truck mount cleaning systems or highly specialized floor scrubbers and grinders. Why? Because that is just not their focus or area of expertise. Their bread and butter is the daily, or frequently service stops doing basic cleaning tasks. And their main staple is pure labor.

Ours is a twist, and we offer a unique blend of three worlds!

We offer state of the art steam, specialized wands and experience that trumps most.

And trust me, no one else out there is doing this work with this system. Word is getting around about our niche’ and it’s catching on! Building owners are finally seeing the results and value in this service, and are investing a modest amount in it.

Next, let it be clear that steam technology is king here, but so are the specialized tools too!

And whether its truck mount or a heated portable, each has its use. So again, that in combination with the following technology that totally trumps a basic janitorial equipment arsenol! For instance:

A basic buffer might be suitable for regular work. Planetary (with 3 rotating heads) might be preferred for some jobs. A weighted buffer might be ideal for heavier jobs. Special buffer heads have certain applications, and blocks for heavy grinding. Combine that with smaller profile hand held grinders, and our experience, this rolls out as a stand alone service which gets results normal efforts do not.

So we see it as a win-win!

Yep, I’m gonna brag here!

Chris, my hubby, started doing floors with his dad in the 70’s. Started running his own jobs in the late 70’s. Jeff, of the same vintage is a rock solid floor guy with huz-pah’, when it comes to his floor work. He is mad about his floors and protects them like they are his ‘young’in! We have another awesome floor guy who moonlights with us, and is all in. All about floors he doesn’t screw around. If needed Marvin, our wood floor refinisher extraordinaire, jumps in or ‘on the floor’ too! Besides being a huge help, he makes sure to take the burden off Chris, (the senior slow goin’ one, and the owner.)

Then we have our support crew.

There are guys in training, and soon we welcome a gal back out of retirement who ran a cleaning program for the state. She was a senior manager who oversaw the cleaning for New Lisbon Developmental Center, a state living community for challenged residents. She was part of a team in charge of compliance for cleaning under strict state rules and guidelines.

When I say topping 200 years combined experience that is no joke! These guys and gals are like bees on honey! And the floors sure do look sweet when they are done!

So let me be clear, this is a kick tail and take names floor team! If you want top notch floors, then we are the team for you!

Now that I’ve explained what sets us apart and what you get with us, back to the rubber studded floor cleaning!

With approval from the leasing department and beyond the demo, our team dove in. The solution was applied to the rubber flooring. It was machine scrubbed where needed. A buffer with an aggressive pad attachment was used. On a smaller scale a Makita and or a 5″ moto scrub tool was brought in to assault the stair treads, risers and the corners. Then, on the home stretch, all the flooring was extracted.



Our client is thrilled, the floors look brand new!

This client trusted our team, and now they have a consistently clean facility. No more oils on the rubber stairs and landings, or asphalt migration to the vulnerable carpet.

Now with the back service area clean, it carries through to the clean front foyer, corridor and hallway. Besides the visual appeal, this protects the carpet appearance and investment. It extends carpet life (and the $$$ investment in it). Again, how? By interrupting the transfer of dirty oils and soils that deposit a ‘railroad path’ that permanently and hideously stains the carpets.

Not only a cohesive blend of clean, and nice attention to detail, it extends the carpet investment and prolongs its appearance.

Doing this enhances exactly the experience the management team wants-

  • a clean, carefree environment
  • an appealing, attractive and inviting tenant
  • and protects the investment in the carpet installation that is worth every penny!

To check this place nestled nicely in downtown Evesham, click here for more about this new, modern carefree living alternative!

Side bar point stuff here to sum it up, this is an exciting offering as we now have a better way to clean rubber studded flooring!

For years when we maintained our commercial fleet of buildings, we just didn’t have the right solution to restore these floors. And our lack of effective resources threw our floor efforts right in with the best of them.

But now we have a kick tail service that is a real eye opener! And the secret’s catching on. The buzz is spreading, and property managers are salivating and signing on! Finally a solution that fixes a floor headache, even nightmare!

Isn’t it the saying, definition of insanity, do more of the same and get more of the same?

A demo will speak for itself, and we are glad to arrange one for you. Want more of the same, do more of the same. Or dip your toe in and get results beyond what the average cleaning accomplishes,  that might just blow your mind!


Call us and we’ll arrange a demo to show you exactly how clean your rubber floors can get. Free consultations and Free Estimates!  Call us at 609.953.0472 or CONTACT US on line.