Rough Pine Hardwood Transformed And Lovely Again

One Red Hot Reveal As We “O’pined”

New owners in Maple Shade settled at two, we arrived at four to estimate the hardwood floor refinishing. (In all this virus mess we were not permitted access ahead of time.) PPE and all we measured, discussed the project and awaited approval. Our excited homeowner’s dream was to have hardwood floors looking their best, and this time without the mess of dust absolutely everywhere!

Feeling at ease with her decision, especially about our “dustless” process and environmentally friendly methods we got the go ahead, and right away.

Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Of course we always caution you can’t truly finalize a refinishing project until all the wood is revealed. Pulling up a corner of the carpet or in a closet doesn’t always tell the story. And in this case, definitely not! The pine floor was in rough shape.

Eekes! Patches of plywood stuck here and there. Walls moved. Short butt ends of wood slapped in. The upper floor did not have hardwood underneath, nor did one area of the Master Suite. We quickly alerted the homeowner and revised our estimate twice to include the necessary repairs.

We so called had to dance, and dance quickly. Our client abandoned the thought of wood throughout, choosing new carpet for the upper floor bedrooms and the one area in the master. She did want to proceed with the living room, stairs and the master. Honestly we felt badly, the condition was a nightmare. But the credits for the rooms we weren’t doing and working to move boards around in an effort to be mindful of the budget, it mostly was a wash we both could live with. In all we were very fair and she was not slapped with a bill she couldn’t handle. We worked efficiently having her best interests in mind. Her dream “wood” still come true!

Wood Ya, Could Ya- We Did it!

Luckily we had extra wood, moved boards around and took that god awful plug of butt end boards out right smack inside the foyer at the base of the stairs. Previously because it was covered with not so lovely carpet, it didn’t matter. But now it does. It had to go.

So now an extra day or so, the family of five persevered- sleeping on blow up mattresses in the kitchen, and the troops reporting to their grandparents quarantine during the day while the work was being done. What’s a little sacrifice or inconvenience in exchange for a dream come true.

With the repairs done, and things cleaned up with the wood, we were ready to seal and coat. One coat seal, two coats finish, install the trim. And call it a day. Another one for the books!

Opine No More- Instead, Pine She’s In Love With And Singing Our Praises To Boot

This client was very confident in her choice in working with us. The attention to detail explained over and over on our website was reassuring. However, she did ask for clarification before we started, and our explanation validated her confidence.

BUT, by day two she started to see the difference for herself, so much so she was outwardly and exuberantly expressing how pleased she is with the workmanship, the care, concern and attention to every detail. In particular she marveled because she had to really hunt to find dust (the last experience years ago with another company, she felt that they were eating dust, it was everywhere!) “When you say dustless, you really mean dustless. You can believe I will tell everyone about you guys, and certainly will send it out on line as well. Being in customer service, my job is to get yelled at all day (well that’s part of it.) But I know the importance of praise and recognition when it is earned, and means everything to small family businesses and to their potential clientele. Thank you guys.”

Looking for a dustless and natural way to refinish hardwood? Already had a sanding nightmare? Dustless technology and water based refinishing eliminates the hassle while having hardwood restored without exposure to harmful chemicals, before, during and after the process. Free estimates friendly advice, and a safer process for you, your family, children and pets.  Call us at 609.953.0472 or contact us online.