Check Out How We Fixed This DIY Painted Grout Eyesore

  • CLIENT Private Residence: Moorestown NJ and Margate Shore House

Have you ever been so fed up you resort to using DIY grout paint (or have a cheapo company do it for you)?

We rescue people from their never-ending grout headaches!

First, you are not alone if you struggle to keep your grout clean. Until somewhat recently dirty grout problems had few solutions. I can’t tell you how often we receive calls because clients feel like Cinderella and the wicked stepmother, where she stood over Cinderella toiling and scrubbing the floor by hand. At wit’s end, people often turn to the internet and discover grout paint and think their problems are solved.

Although it might look better for a while, if the grout is ‘painted’ using inferior quality products or techniques, after a while it will inevitably start to peel or ‘flake off.” Then, add a little dirt, grease, or grime to the mixture, and the floor just becomes a red hot mess!

The Problem

Routine steam cleaning of a ceramic tile floor revealed DIY-painted grout lines that looked hideous. The paint was peeling, discolored, and flaking off leaving a very unsightly and unacceptable appearance.

Our Solution

After steaming we proposed professional color sealing to fix it. The color sealing completely made the grout look uniform again. This restorative process is beyond cleaning, but after it is done the floor and grout had and has a uniform appearance once more. And that is what we find frustrated homeowners want.

The Benefits of Grout Color Sealing

  • Fixes ugly painted grout that is failing
  • Cleans up grungy grout that won’t restore with cleaning efforts
  • Allow you the choice of changing your grout color- from light to dark, or from dark to light
  • Restores a floor or surface appearance cost effectively that might otherwise be torn out and replaced to fix costing a lot more money
  • Provides for easier clean up as the color sealant won’t let the stain “soak in” easily (if at all)
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