Newborn Nursery: Hardwood Floor Refinished


Our clients were a couple who were adopting a baby, and they were very excited to get the nursery ready. They planned to paint, decorate, and furnish the nursery themselves, but they needed professional help for the wood floor, which needed a major transformation.

We estimated that these floors were about 100 years old, and although the appearance of the floor was poor, the strength of the wood was still in excellent condition. A few of the boards just needed to be replaced. The clients were also concerned that the paint on the floors was lead paint and voiced concern about possible toxins in whatever stains or finishes would be required to achieve the look they wanted.


First, we did a quick test for lead. Once we determined that the paint on the floor was not lead, we set to work.

Tenting and creating our work zone included zip walls, air scrubbers, tape and plastic to contain dust. With the surrounding areas protected, we removed the quarter round baseboards. We replaced a few boards and then sanded down the entire floor, restoring the lighter pine shade. Because pine doesn’t accept stain evenly, our knowledgable technicians recommended to the homeowners that we simply finish and seal the floors to avoid blotchiness.

We used a non-toxic sealer, safe for kids and pets. In addition, the sealer was a low VOC formula, which meant it didn’t leave behind a nasty smell. Our hardwood floor refinishing methods gave these proud new parents the peace of mind they needed.


The BEFORE and AFTER images demonstrate how we were able to achieve incredible results. It was a pleasure to help this couple, who have waited a long time for their bundle of joy, and to know we played an important part in giving their little one a cozy bedroom with a safe and beautiful floor.

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