New Master Hardwood Floors for Historic Merchantville Home

  • Location Historic Home in Merchantville

The objective

As with any historic property there can be bumps along the way. Prior construction and workmanship hold secrets for those doing new renovations. But luckily for this part of the project we experienced smooth sailing!

Instead of sourcing vintage material (avoiding a huge expense) the decision was to go with new. It was not necessary to match anything, so with ease of execution and budget in mind we plowed forward.

New wood material was ordered. And, after delivery it was allowed to acclimate (or adjust to the humidity within the dwelling, for about 48 hours). Next, the raw wood  was installed unfinished. After it was sanded according to specific sanding requirements the wood was stained and finished in place.

Continuing after prior work completed in the kitchen, this part of the project, unlike the last, this part of the project had no surprises.

The results

From start to finish this project was easy-peasy! All stars were lined up. And actually the rock star refinishers saw to it that the job was done professionally, quickly and with attention to detail. To be specific:

  • The boards were installed with “breathing room,” as in having ample room for expansion and contraction
  • The floor was sanded according to the proper schedule for the species (red oak)
  • It was carefully hand stained, then wiped off with care and ease, and allowed to cure
  • Next the floor was sealed and coated with the finish (properly applied and at full strength

Now installed, and finished in place the floor job was completed. Our work was done. And now it was turned back over to the general contractor who would install the trim, and call it a day, installation wise, anyway!

A side bar service

Along with the prior refinishing, done on the first floor, there were many areas of vintage wood that was untouched as part of the renovation. But, these floors got really dirty from the in and out action. Adding to the post construction clean up was salt mess from the snow (pictured).  So to help for the end game we agreed to provide a deep cleaning on the first floor and stairs, mainly to tidy them up.

With it being the end of “performance” we used our hard surface floor scrubber to clean the floors. (Explained in a way that got our message across, our machine cleaned the floor like a Zamboni cleans.) Similarly this machine would and did deep clean and restored the floors nicely. And, it might be explained it did so effectively but without great efforts getting down on hands and knees! In the end, it did a bang up job. The floors were and looked clean, as were the steps were too.

Another installation complete. And clean floors handed over to the GC hook, line and sinker!

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