New Pre-finished Hardwood Floor Installed For Son’s Bedroom

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The problem

This boy’s mother set about to remove her son’s carpet and replace it with new pre-finished hardwood. But because of needs of the family the install had to be done quickly. She was emphatic it had to be done with disruption in their normal routine. Already with incredible demands regarding special needs, any changes must be done so that the family wasn’t thrown into yet more disarray.

The goal

Here the goal was to update the flooring to a more serviceable floor, and more easily cared for surface. And equally important, every step and moment counted. The work  had to be done with swift purpose. In and out fast, we had get this boy back to his happy place, in his bedroom quickly.

To allow us to do our work, mama and her son camped out downstairs in the master bedroom.

All in all it was mom’s vision to update the flooring in his room. And worth the sacrifice, the effort had a meaningful result. This project was all about making and keeping a fun space for her son to thrive. But equally important, it would likewise made it easier and safer to manage, clean and maintain it for him.

The results

Over the weekend the family cleared their son’s room out. He was moved into his parent’s room. This gave us full access, but at certain hours that worked for them. The flooring had been delivered and had acclimated. So with very pin point timing, the floor was installed.

Remaining in the home, our team followed specific entry and exit instructions. And because of auto-immune issues, we also “masked up” for extra protection for their son’s well-being. Any and all requests were graciously honored. For one thing, it was our honor to be entrusted with the project under the strict parameters required. And certainly it was our pleasure to abide accordingly!

As for the work first there was some minor adjustments with the sub floor. This was done quickly. Then the floor was installed, and new quarter round went in to finish the project. All in all it went like clockwork. And he family endured.

In the end we created a warm environment with real hardwood that now goes with their son’s safari forest theme. A place for fun and creativity, a place to snuggle in the jungle, this boy is loved. He’s back in his room enjoying his new wood floor. And it was our pleasure knowing we helped a loving mama do a little lovin’ on her cub!

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